Monday, March 7, 2016

The Lucy Bag

I knit this bag called The Lucy Bag and then tossed it in the washer to felt it. I used some wool yarn that I had knit vests with and didn't like the vests, so I ripped them apart a while back and decided to knit the Lucy Bag using these 2 yarns. I dyed the light pink yarn with a second dying of prickly pear cactus juice and the second dying resulted in a pale pink. The first dying of some other yarn was a darker mauve pink color. The variegated yarn with the green and orange colors was dyed with Kool-Aid. I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to knit this all out of one of the yarn colors, so I combined them both into this bag.

Here is Lucy after she was knit and before felting:
Lucy Bag knit and ready to toss into the washing machine to felt.

The Lucy Bag after she was felted.

The bag is empty, so it looks rather limp.

One handle is longer so that it loops through the shorter handle.

The bottom of the bag. It is knit like a hat that spirals out.
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  1. At first I liked this bag and the colors...Then I LOVED this bag after reading how you dyed the yarns and felted it. I am amazed at the labor of love you put into your works of HeArt. Embracing Bag Bliss...

  2. did you pick the cactus fruit yourself for the dyeing? I once made cactus jelly and it was a nightmare to make, good for you for using it for dyeing. The bag came out really nice. My only issue with felted bags is that if you put heavy things in them they grow. do you have that problem? Have you ever lined any of your felted bags? I like the size and colors of your creation. Good job.

  3. Hey, there she is! (I was wondering when I'd be able to see the knit version of my "Retro" bag.) Of course, as usual, you went above and beyond the actual pattern. Curious about the Kool-Aid dye... it stays and doesn't wash out? I've heard of young girls dying their hair with it and assumed it washed out easily.

  4. That's an interesting shape! And it's lovely, being made of two colors. Felting it really gave the yarn a nice texture.
    I always like to read about your dyeing work. :-)


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