Sunday, March 27, 2016

Woman's Knit Hat

This was a nice hat to knit and the yarn is so soft. I bought one skein of this yarn last year at a garage sale and the label was missing, so I don't know what it is. It is soft and has a nice drape to the yarn.

I bought the Styrofoam head and the wig at a thrift shop (different days). I thought it would look nicer to photograph hats this way. My hair is dark and curly like this wig too (except I have a bit of gray now too). Now if I can only find something to photograph a scarf well. The thrift shop has a few mannequins, but they aren't for sale, darn! Maybe I will find a cheap one some day. I wanted to show several angles so there are several photos of the hat.

If you would like to purchase this knit hat please email me. $20.00 + postage.

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  1. Love the varigated colors....great pattern.

  2. Lovely hat and it looks good on your new display piece. Knitting Bliss...

  3. I like the pattern, it suits the mystery yarn. you can never have enough handmade purses, totes or hats. I'm sure more is on that list as well. great job!

  4. Two of my favorite colors together. Looks great on the new display.


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