Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Japanese Rice Bags Large & Small (Komebukuro)

I made a couple of Japanese Rice Bags (called Komebukuro in Japanese). They were used to carry rice in Japan as offerings to temples or shrines. Today we make and use them to carry all kinds of things and they especially make great project bags for knitting or crochet and other things too.

There are patterns and tutorials and video tutorials online for making one and they are quite easy to make. I followed along with Stuart Hillard, a pleasant British chap as he showed how to make one on his YouTube video. They can be made in any size. 

I made a large bag by cutting my squares 9" square. I also made a small bag by cutting the squares 6" square. I am now using the rest of this Asian fabric for the exterior of 2 more bags that I cut 7 1/2" square. So that will end up as my medium size bag.

This is the large bag.

The bag is roomy inside.

Here it is with the drawstring cinched closed. I used some shoelaces and cord stops to keep it closed.
This is the small size.

Drawstring cinched closed and I used a cording I had and cord stops to keep it closed on this one too.

Just 3" difference in the cut size of the bag squares.

You can make a variety of sizes and nest them inside of each other like Matryoshka Dolls. Once I finish the medium size bag, I will place it inside the large and the small inside the medium.

These can also be made using a variety of different fabrics for the outside of the bag. Or use up smaller scraps and make the bags in patchwork, or use up some extra quilt blocks. These bags do contain batting squares in them, so you could also quilt each square before assembling them into the bag. So many creative ways to make one....or 2 or a hundred, lol!!! 

They would also make great gift bags! Place a gift inside the bag and then the recipient not only gets a gift, but the bag itself makes a wonderful gift as well. Especially useful to a knitter (or crocheter) as a project bag. In fact, what a great gift to give someone who knits (or crochets) by giving them a bag like this with some yarn inside.
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  1. This is a bag of a different design. I like it. It does look like it would be pretty handy for any number of uses. I also like that it can be made as literally any size desired.

  2. Great bag. Does look very useful and love that there are really no size limitations. Thanks for the link to the video

  3. love these, i think it was very cleaver to add toggles to cinch it up. its a great way to show case fabrics as well. even though they are small the large roomie bottom really makes a difference. you said you used a shoelace as your ties? i like the contrast of your ties being round and not flat. all around very cleaver and well done.

  4. I have not seen nor heard of this kind of bag before. Very clever to use shoestring and the cord stops! I will pin for a possible make someday. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Finally, a different sort of bag. ;-) Not only is it unique in form, I like the way you pieced the fabrics. Seems like a great option to use up fabric scraps in a functional way. Good job!

  6. I like this pattern and think these bags would be so useful for a variety of things. Thank you! You share the best stuff, I'm hooked on Suzi's Esmerelda's Garden now. :)


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