Monday, February 20, 2023

2 Dancing Diamonds Gem Bags

I had a custom order to make 2 Gem Bags, one with green accents and one with blue accents, but the patchwork was to include other bright colors. So I chose to use batik fabric for the bags exteriors. The green one is made with all batik fabric and the blue I used a commercial fabric for the lining, straps and sides as this blue looked the best with the bag.

I made some modifications to the bags. The noticeable change I made is that I added strap connectors with metal hardware and normal straps and also added strap ends and rivets for extra strength for the straps and connectors. The pattern inserted grommets and then made a long narrow strap that threaded through the grommets and was tied with a knot to keep the straps in place. Well that not only looked less than desirable to me, but one good yank of the strap and I could see the straps popping out of the grommets and damaging the bag. I think what I did looks so much better and will function better too.

Another change I made you cannot see, but I added a heavyweight stabilizer on the bottom of the bag, inserted between the lining and exterior and then I quilted the entire bag, which keeps the bottom stabilizer in place. I also added additional interfacing on the lining piece too. I used fusible fleece rather than foam too. It has the same look and stands up like foam does, but without the squishy feel of foam. Some people love foam, others don't. I like some of the properties of foam, but I prefer fusible fleece with added interfacing to achieve a similar structure and costs less too. There are other more costly materials to use for structure such as Decovil light and heavy, but it's the most costly to use.

I also curved the bottom of the side pieces instead of sewing darts there. I thought it would be easier to do and it was. 

I am really pleased with how these bags turned out. I will be delivering them to the woman who ordered them later today.

Front of the Gem Bag with green accent.

Side view with rounded bottom for sides. As you can see in the upper left, I ran out of this green batik print so added a piece of the green lining fabric there to make up for it. I like that look, especially for straps.

It's a big roomy bag inside. The bag exterior and lining are quilted all together and then the sides and binding is sewn to cover up all the raw edges.

The back side of the bag.

The blue accent bag.

Side view.

Back side of the bag.

Inside the roomy bag.

Side by side the green & blue versions.

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  1. Annie (Annie’s Musings)Monday, February 20, 2023

    As always, your bags look awesome. They are always so well put together and your sewing looks professional.

  2. those are so beautiful and practical. I love the fabric choices, design and the changes you made. it looks like you can use it for so many projects. I love the sturdy bottom.


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