Thursday, February 2, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #8 (for 2023)

Oops, yesterday I posted purse #9 and forgot to post and share purse #8, so here it is now. I rarely use a plain fabric for the flap as I tend to use scraps and get creative, but in order for the giraffes in this fabric to be seen it needed to stay as one piece of fabric. But I do have some scraps leftover that will find it's way into a future purse flap as the colors in this purse are great even if you wouldn't see the giraffes in a smaller scrap piece.

I picked up the giraffe print at a freebie table from one of my groups and knew it would make a perfect purse flap for Sew Powerful! I just love these colorful giraffes! There wasn't enough of the giraffe fabric to make the body of the purse, but I did have another perfect fabric to go with the giraffe print. The purple background with the colorful polka dots went so well with the colorful giraffe print! 

The plain flap with just the giraffe print.

Didn't have enough of this fabric to add a back pocket. I am sure one girl will love this purse and I hope she loves giraffes too!

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  1. LOVE!!! That is such cool fabric and the giraffes are fantastic!

  2. the fabrics sing, so fun the girls will love it


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