Thursday, February 16, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #16 (for 2023)

We had a heavy dusting of snow, so here is my 16th purse for this year that I have completed. Made with fabric I recently got (scroll to end to see the fabric). 

Choose to Shine is also the name of this fabric line from Benartex Fabric, designed by Cherry Guidry.

Back side. I like this fabric too, which was donated to me. I had a small piece of this fabric that was enough to make this purse. Also have a different colorway of this print, so one more purse can be made using that.

Closer look at the flap shows that I added some crystals all around the circle, a couple of appliqué embroidered flowers & a handmade label with 2 crystals too.

Lining fabric donated to me by Brenda M.

I got just a tiny bit more than a yard of this sweet fabric (below) to use for making the purse flaps of more Sew Powerful Purses. (I didn't want to have any cut down the center so it was a bit more than a yard). Some have short positive quotes on them and the others are pretty flowers. I love them all. A few are repeated quotes and flowers. I got 30 total rectangles, which will become 30 purses. So only 29 more of these to turn into purses. I love the colors in these too!

They call this a panel (24" x WOF), but it is printed like this all across the bolt, so you can buy any amount. There is a lot of pretty coordinating fabrics to go with this fabric that I saw on the Benartex website (I only saw this fabric at the store I got it from).

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  1. this is a great panel flap it will really bring a smile to the girls. I love the coordinating fabric.


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