Sunday, January 24, 2021

Handknit Socks in Green & Turquoise

I love the book entitled, Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. Ann has instructions for knitting socks in all gauges, so you just choose the instructions for the gauge of sock that your yarn/needles knit to. The instructions are basic, but she also has instructions for certain patterns, so it's not all knitting stockinette stitch. What I like to do is use the instructions for the gauge and needle I knit (in this case I used a size 1 needle at 8 stitches= 1" gauge) and then knit the body of the sock (around the leg and the top) in a different stitch. For these socks I chose to knit them in a Knit 3, Purl 1. I have knit other socks in a K2, P2, or knit a cable, etc. You can choose whatever you like as long as the pattern can be knit around the leg evenly (as you change to the foot, you might be a stitch short of the pattern as it is knit into the stockinette, but that doesn't matter as the pattern will still be there.

I love Opal Sock yarn too. After knitting socks for years, this is the best sock yarn I have found and doesn't get holes as easily as other yarns have. I also knit with an added strand of nylon thread (like Wooly Nylon) after knitting the leg, starting at the heel and the rest of the sock. This adds extra nylon for strength and prevents holes from happening as quickly (it all depends on your yarn and how hard you are on socks as to how long before you get holes, typically in the heel or toe area). Hubby is hard on socks and the socks I knit him in Opal sock yarn and nylon don't have holes yet and it's been a long time now since I knit the first pair in Opal yarn.

I love the colors of greens in these socks. I have been wearing them now for a few days and love the feel. There is nothing like wearing handknit socks.

The self striping yarn came out almost identically on these 2 socks. Oftentimes the heel and toe are in a different color area of the yarn.

I have small feet (size 6 shoe), so I always have lots of leftover sock yarn. This is a large skein, so I only needed one skein of yarn to knit this pair of socks.

I think I am going to gather all the bits of leftover sock yarn I have from the dozens of socks I have knit in the past and knit a scarf. It will certainly be a wild looking scarf with lots of colors, that's for sure.
Happy knitting!

I am not an affiliate for Ann Budd or Opal yarn, I just love their products.
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  1. You're so right---my feet are happiest in my hand-knit socks. Anything else and my toes freeze and never can seem to get warm again.

  2. The socks look great! Fun color mix too. I’ve not tried knitting socks. It looks complicated. I don’t think I’d have the patience. But I love seeing socks that are knitted by others. They are always fun colors and designs. I love the sounds of the scarf knit with all your leftover sock yarns. I agree, it could be wildly fun looking.

  3. great job, I love wearing handmade socks. I remember when the yarns coming from places like Norway all came with a little ball of nylon in the center for knitting the heel and toe. I really like the colors you used.
    wear in happiness

  4. Your socks look so soft and warm! I don't knit but do love to see other's projects! The colors are great too!

  5. Very pretty socks, wow you do have a small foot which equals less expense to make a pair! I started another pair this week also. It's raining here so that sounds like a good project for the next hour.


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