Sunday, January 18, 2015

Row-by-Row Baby Quilt & Knit Baby Hat

A friend of my daughter's is due to have a baby girl in late February. I asked my daughter if anyone in her family made quilts or was a knitter and she said no. So I offered to make a quilt or knit a sweater. Lara wanted a quilt. My daughter told me Lara loves pinks and purples and Kelly green, so I decided to make a scrappy row quilt for her. I backed the quilt in flannel so it's soft. I only used scraps for the quilt top. This is the first row quilt I have ever made. I decided on the blocks that I wanted to use and made up the quilt layout.
I took advantage of the dusting of snow we got on New Year's Day to photograph this quilt outside.
I just made up the quilt design  by using different quilt blocks for each row. I wanted to repeat the tulip block rows because that was my favorite block. The other blocks are 2 different pinwheel blocks, a snowball block, a heart block, friendship star and butterfly block.  
I quilted it in an all over meander using a pastel variegated thread.

The back of the quilt is flannel fabric in a pink floral print.
I knit this swirl knit hat for  Lara's baby. It's fuchsia, purple, green and blue yarn. It looks more purple in person because purple doesn't photograph very well.
This is the top view looking down on the hat. You can see the swirl radiating out. The pattern is free on Ravelry . It comes in several sizes from baby to adult.
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  1. A stunning quilt, Daryl!!! Love how you've added green gingham in between the rows and also the rounded corners. I'm sure the quilt will be well loved.

  2. This baby quilt is gorgeous. I love the butterfly and tulip blocks the most, but they all look great in this quilt. She will love it.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! A row quilt is such a great idea for a baby quilt. I love ducks and now you have me thinking about duck blocks.

  4. Great baby row quilt. It looks so inviting on that bench. I just want to walk up and cuddle under it. Move over little baby. LoL. Sweet hat too.

  5. It is a wonderful row quilt, Daryl! I like row quilts because I don't get bored making the same block a ton of times. I also like the variety. It is lovely.

  6. Beautiful quilt and hat! I love how the dusting of snow makes such a beautiful backdrop to photograph your quilt!

    1. Thank you Laura. Did you know you are now a no-reply? Check your Google+ settings as they tend to revert back to no-reply every so often. I went to AQS show in Albuquerque and they had your book on display and a lot of the containers made from the book. It was great to see those lovely fabric vases in person. I hope they sold a lot of the books there.

  7. I like the row quilt idea!!! Very cute for a lil girl! The hat is beautiful. Lucky baby and mama!!


  8. I'm so happy you did a row by row quilt, I've always wanted to make one. I'm sure the baby and mama will love this one, its very cheerful. I think my favorite row is the one with the flowers. great job and the soft backing will be appreciated. The hat is fun with the swirl pattern and good choice of color.

  9. How pretty. Such a nice gift.


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