Thursday, January 15, 2015

Poolside Tote #2

I made a Poolside Tote last year as part of the 2014 Bag-of-the-Month Club. My son and his girlfriend are coming to visit us at the end of the month after living overseas for about 2 1/2 years and I wanted to make a bag that would be nice and useful for Perla. So I decided on the Poolside Tote as it is a nice roomy bag that can be used for all sort of things.
I chose a light denim fabric and quilted it all over in a floral meander design. I added the slip pocket on this side of the bag.
I added the zippered pocket on this side of the bag. You can never have too many pockets! I also added a magnetic snap to close the bag.
I found this "P" charm on clearance last year and thought it would be a perfect zipper pull for Perla.
Inside the bag I added another pocket.
A swivel hook for keys is sewn into the lining of the bag.
Since I had cut out the center half circle of the bag top, I had a couple of half circles left and thought they looked like the perfect size for a coin purse. So I added a lining and zipper to it and got an instant coin purse.
Coin purse made from leftover bag fabric.
This cute beach fabric seemed like the perfect fabric lining for the poolside tote.
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  1. Daryl you've done an excellent job. This bag was made for me. My favourite colours, the quilting is perfect and I love the lining fabric. So cute, but I think the best thing of all is how you so cleverly made the coin pouch from the left over half circles. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas.

  2. Great beach bag. Your fabrics choices are just perfect for this bag. I like the little coin purse too.

  3. Oh geez, I love this one too!! You are a bad influence on me...I already have so many bags and I just keep on making them!! :) I love all the details you've added to it, what a nice gift! She's going to love it!


  4. Daryl this is superb! I love everything about it!! Such cute beach fabric. How clever of you on the coin purse design. Smart to add sew many pockets and the key holder. Creative Pool Bag Bliss...

  5. Nice job on the bag!! Love the quilting you did on the exterior! I am sure she will love it!

  6. I started writing a comment about this and then the box disappeared and I don't know what happened to my comment in progress. Anyway... I love this because the shape is so unique and bold. the curve of the handle in contrast with the bold shape of the bag. I will admit that my very favorite part of this bag is the fabric you used as your lining, its so adorable. great job and all your little touches you added are perfect.

  7. Very pretty, and, I'm sure, very handy.

  8. ANother...very cool bag. Perfect for summer!

  9. You really brought the denim to an other level with your quilting, Daryl. You've created a gorgeous fabric.
    I like that you made a slip pocket and a zippered pocket. That's the perfect combination for a bag.
    Coin purses made with leftover fabric are the best!


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