Thursday, January 22, 2015

Route 66 Quilts from AQS Quilt Show in Albuquerque

There was a special exhibit at the AQS Albuquerque show depicting quilts along US Route 66 made by quilters from all over the USA. Route 66 covers 8 states. The small quilts were placed on a golden background. There were several sets of quilts representing the states along the route. I couldn't take photos of all the sets because there were people in the way, so on some I just got close-ups of the quilts themselves.

In 1946 Bobby Troup composed the song, "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66", which was first recorded by Nat King Cole. Go here for the lyrics. Here are some quilter's interpretations of their memories along Route 66.
Missouri where the route started in St. Louis (where I was born, but do not remember anything from there because I was very young when we moved).

My birth place.

New Mexico, where I live now.

Close-up of cactus.
Arizona and the following few quilts from Arizona too.

California, where I grew up.

I saw lots of orange groves where I lived and also saw them slowly get cut down as they built lots and lots of housing tracts. So sad. I love the scent of orange blossoms!

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  1. I'm so glad you are posting photos of the quilts, they are a wonder and my phone takes terrible pictures. Its great to be able to see these again. I love the quilts and I know I will NEVER make a quilt like these but sometimes I can see using a small piece of what they did into something I really could make. I hope that makes sense. thanks again for posting these

  2. Great photos, Daryl. I really enjoy seeing these.

  3. I love Route 66 - I bought a bag from Vegas many years ago that features Route 66 on it. It's got some wear and tear so I'm hoping to recycle what I can of the material in the future. Some of these quilts are quite amazing.

  4. I really love the gas station, fruit trees, bridge, and turtles although they are all wonderful. Such artists out there!

  5. Oh WOW! all these quilts are so beautiful and great photos! Thank you for sharing these with us:)


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