Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ripple Chevron Knit Scarf & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 is a fantastic New Year for you all. I would have made one of those collages showing all of the items that I made in 2014, but I think it would have taken me a year to create the collage, LOL!!!

I wanted to knit a scarf and use up some sock yarn too, so I decided to knit a chevron style scarf with a self striping yarn. The zigzag pattern knit perfectly and it worked so well that it looks like I planned it, but I didn't. This yarn has bamboo, wool and nylon and has a soft feel and nice drape to it. There are lots of free patterns online for knitting a chevron scarf. I think I used a pattern that called for a heavier weight yarn, but I used fingering/sock weight instead. Since this is a long rectangle, it can be worn several different ways as you can see in the photos below~

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  1. HaPPP new year to you too! The feather and fan pattern that is used in the scarf is one of my favorites to knit into scarves or shawls.

  2. Love the feather and fan scarf with the sock yarn. I have lots of sock yarn, maybe I should try this one. I like the way the colors in your scarf turned out. Great job.

  3. I love this one the best, Daryl.. It is so versatile and the colors are yummy!

  4. Dear Daryl,
    I wish you a great New Year too !♥
    The scarf looks beautiful, I enjoy knitting in the evening too, it is so calming (if the pattern works ;-)
    I would have liked to see a collage with all your works from 2014, but I agree it take to much time
    wichs could be used for handkrafting....
    I do look forward to follow in 2015.
    x -o

  5. Beautiful scarf Daryl and love the colors! Makes me want to learn to knit! Tried it once years ago and I wasn't good at it.

  6. Beautiful colors & pattern. Since I can't knit I am always impressed by people who can

  7. Beautiful scarf and I adore those colours. I wish I had some extra time in the day to do some knitting again.

  8. That is a beautiful scarf!! Love how light and lacey it is!! Happy New Year!!!


  9. Terrific scarf... and here's a question from a non-knitter (actually that's not totally true - I learned to knit as a child but have not done it since): how long does it take you to do something like this?

  10. How pretty. Seeing this scarf reminded me of the baby afghan I crocheted almost 30 years ago for our oldest daughter in pink, green, blue and white.

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