Sunday, January 11, 2015

Flannel Monster Print Pajamas

I made my grandson pajamas for Christmas. After he rejected the cute monster patch I made for his blue jeans (see post here), I asked my daughter before I made the pajamas if he would even wear them? She said yes at home it wasn't a problem, but in school he was feeling the peer pressure thing. From now on I will have to take my grandson with me to shop for flannel if he wants pajamas. I still haven't seen him in these yet, but he told me he did wear them.
These look so long and big pinned to my dress form.

The print of the fabric close-up.
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  1. Those are so cute. I'm glad my grandson is still young enough (4) that he likes anything I make him. I do know the day will come that that won't be a true statement. :(
    Robin in Washington State

  2. Oh these are sdorable!!! Yahhhh....after about second grade kids start to get a mind of their own...darn it! LOL!!

  3. Love those jammies. I don't like it when the grandkids get so fussy.

  4. Very sweet print for a lovely pajamas!

    1. Thank you Christine. For some reason you are no-reply now. If you have Google+ you might want to check your settings to make sure your email is still there. With Google+ you need to check this every so often because it removes your email setting once in a while. Who knows why????

  5. I think the monster print is great! I made matching pj pants at Christmas, for my nephews and my niece, with a monster print fabric :) Luckily, none of them turned up their noses at the fabric. My friend makes pj's for her little cousins and she always lets them go with and choose the fabrics.

  6. These are so cute, great fabric and I love your new use for your dress form, they do fit all bodies

  7. Peer pressure sucks. What a cute pair of pj's. You definitely need input on fabric for the future, after you put all the work and love into something you want them to wear or use it! I think I might look at some fabric for girly pajamas for some sweet lil ones I know!! I love pretty pajamas, but I hate the price!!


  8. Very cute PJ's Daryl and what about sports themed fabric? I think they are great and how lucky is he to have grandma make him PJ's:) Your are such a great grandma!! TFS

  9. What a shame they have to grow up and develop a mind of their own LOLL. Never mind you can have fun together shopping for fabric he will like next time. I personally think this one is adorable and should be worn by absolutely any age group. I'd wear them.

  10. I had to chuckle about him rejecting some of your fabric. I had shown one grandson the fabric I had bought for pajama bottoms, (you know lots of boy stuff.... superman, cars, trucks and such and he said "No" I want tie dyed! haha.... Kids... they sure get a sense early of what they want!


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