Friday, June 20, 2014

The Stow it All Tote

I recently tested a tote bag designed by Christine of Chris W. Designs. She has just released her pdf pattern for the Stow it All tote bag, so now I can finally show you my version of the bag here. To get a 20% discount in this pattern, scroll to the bottom to find out how.
I used batik fabrics for my tote. The black is a Southwest print of Kokopelli, lizards, turtles and sunbursts. I scanned the fabric and enlarged one of the sunbursts and created the applique on the flap. I machine stitched around the applique using 2 different decorative stitches. I used a magnetic snap because I didn't have the twist lock closure that was called for. I chose to leave the front pocket large and didn't divide it as the pattern calls for. 
This is the back of the tote. Again I left this back pocket large and didn't divide the pocket. I wanted to be able to carry a theme notebook or folder.
The pattern calls for a lining that will create an accent on the front of the bag. I didn't want to use this bright batik as the entire lining or I would need to wear my sunglasses to see inside!. So I instead sewed the accent fabric on. I wanted a softer lining fabric, which is the light coral pink fabric. I did add my usual zipper pull, but after I took this photo.
This lining is softer on the eyes, yet I still have the accent fabric I wanted. I did it the hard way though, lol. It would be much easier to sew according to the directions using a lining fabric that will also be your accent on the front and the pockets inside here.
I always love to have a pen pocket.
My large front pocket.
I love how this tote turned out. 
To see all the other bags that were tested go to Christine's Blog. There is a lot of fabric variety to feast your eyes upon there.

  Grab Your Discount! To get your pattern at 20% off, simply visit Christine's shop here and use the discount code: stowit in your shoping cart! (Sorry - only valid at Chris W. Design's website, not Etsy or elsewhere!) Note: Code is valid until Midnight Tuesday 24th June EST! 

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  1. That's gorgeous! I like the pink-coral-black combination. And I find that using the fabric motif to create an appliqué quite ingenious. The pink fabric is very beautiful. Good choice!

  2. That's gorgeous! I like the pink-coral-black combination. And I find that using the fabric motif to create an appliqué quite ingenious. The pink fabric is very beautiful. Good choice!

  3. That applique' is gorgeous. That was a great idea. This pattern screams for that kind of showcasing. It is fun to see how all our bags look so different. Love the bright colors. Nice work!

  4. Lovely colours and a great bag !!!

  5. I love your applique too and the fabrics. Such pretty cheerful colours. It's fun seeing how different everyone's bags turned out.

  6. Great bag, Daryl. At first I thought the appliqué was embroidery. It looks great and it's a great idea. Very cheerful colors!!

  7. I was lucky enough to see this up close and personal and its even better than the photos suggest. I'm in love with the way the zipper looks and works for the main opening of the bag, its efficient and stylish. The colors are bold and work well together. Great purse, enjoy

  8. Beautiful bag and I love the color:)

  9. Love your color combination on this one. I think the way you chose to use the BRIGHT accent fabric on just the zipper part instead of the entire inside lining.

  10. Loving all the pockets and the large size... perfect!


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