Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wallet to Match My City Slicker Bag Plus a Tiny Matching Zip Bag

After making the Small Savannah Bag in blue with the matching wallet, I finally got around to making a matching wallet to my City Slicker Bag. I had cut out the fabric for the wallet when I made the City Slicker Bag back in April. I tested the City Slicker Bag for Christine of Chris W Designs. This was the June bag from the Bag of the Month Club (individual pattern available from Christine soon). I just kept putting it off. So after making the blue wallet with my new construction changes that I made to that wallet, I made this one to match the City Slicker Bag. Plus, I had made the tiny matching zip bag too, but was waiting to make the wallet before sharing that as well.
I barely had enough of this paisley fabric leftover to make the wallet. I had to add another fabric at the other end to make it long enough.  I quilted around the paisley shapes.
I used the purse print fabric as the lining fabric. Since it is a directional fabric it worked best as the lining, otherwise it would have ended up upside down as the wallet was folded if it was the exterior fabric.
See where my label is sewn? That coral colored fabric was the strip I added to the paisley fabric to make it long enough. I used a metal zipper because it was the perfect color and this one does zip fine. Sometimes those metal zippers don't glide as easily in this position. I added a zipper pull that I made to match too.
I made this a few months ago to match the bag too. It's a free pattern from So Sew Easy. I had a short metal zipper so I used it here and added a matching zipper pull.
This is a great bag to hold little things. I found it was perfect to hold my thumb drives/usb sticks. You can use it for coins or lipstick too and of course the key ring on the left is for your keys.
Here is the entire set.
With the straps up on the bag.
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  1. I absolutely ADORE this set Daryl!!!

  2. Oh wow..that zipper pull is so cute! I want one!...I have gotten into making tote/bags lately...bought some great fabric last week..just have to get going on it! Good job on your set!

  3. I love this set. Very professional finishes!

  4. As always, beautiful work. I really do enjoy seeing the sets that you create!

  5. Here from 'Bee Social'. I love this set! Great purse.

  6. Hello Daryl:) WOW! what a fabulous set, you are just amazing with detail:) Love it. I'm off to see what other fabulous projects I've missed:)

  7. Your fabric choices are just amazing. I love the paisley and the colors you used. The little bag for your USB plugs are great. I have added tags to small bags I've made like that but it never occurred to me to add a ring as well, it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for yet another great idea. You must be very good at transferring your things from one wallet to another as well as switching out purses. How do you decide which purse to use, you have so many choices. Congratulations to another job well done.

  8. I love this wallet pattern and I love the paisley. Great job on this set. Why don't I ever think to do a whole set?

  9. What a gorgeous set. I love paisley and I love the colours too. The little pouch is so useful and so cute.

  10. Oooh, love this set! Clever little bag for those USBs too!

  11. Fabulous set, Daryl. One of Deby's little keycahin bags is on my To Do list. I like how you've used the metal zip on yours.

  12. Hi Daryl
    Wow, your bags are amazing! I absolutely love this set. You really go to quite a lot of detail with your bags. Very inspiring.

    Michelle :o)


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