Monday, June 16, 2014

Quilt Block Contest

I entered the annual Quilt Block Contest (QBC) again this year. This is a contest that goes along with the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, that is held the 2nd Saturday of July in Sisters, Oregon each year. Next year in 2015 they will celebrate the 40th anniversary of this fantastic quilt show. It's the largest outdoor quilt show in the world. I just love attending and helping to hang the quilts on quilt show day. I will have 4 quilts in the show this year, including the quilt that I made using the quilt blocks that I won (as one of the honorable mention winners) in last years QBC. I will be at the show this year and staying with my friend who lives nearby.

Okay back to the quilt block. We were given 5 fabrics to use and you can only use the fabrics that you receive, although you don't have to use all of the fabrics to create your block. They mix up the assortment of fabric that they give in each packet. There are actually 10 fabrics, although you only receive 5. You can embellish your block any way that you like. The quilt blocks are due June 15. The teachers of the Quilter's Affair (classes are taught all week before the one day quilt show by well known teachers) then vote for their favorite blocks. There is one best of show winner and the other top votes get honorable mentions .Westminster Fabrics donates the fabric each year for the contest. Here are the 2014 fabrics:
The 2014 fabrics for the QBC, sponsored by Westminster Fabrics.
I used all 5 fabrics that I received in creating my quilt block. I did all the embroidery by hand. Here is my block for the contest~
This is the quilt block that I entered for this year's contest.
I hand embroidered around the applique and added the dress hanger using a silver metallic embroidery thread. I added red sequins and blue beads too.
I love rickrack and I added French knots on top of the rickrack.
I found some trim in my trim box and this was the perfect color and size to add as a belt embellishment.
I even added a little swing tag, which is a metal charm, that reads Made with Love.

The teachers will vote on the blocks in July several days before the quilt show.Then all of the quilt blocks will be pinned to a large sheet and hung in the show. The winners will have ribbons attached to their blocks. Next to this years quilt blocks will be the quilts that have been made from the people who won blocks from previous years. I will have the quilt I made from the blocks I won last year hanging in this year's show. I will be posting photos of that quilt in the next week or 2. I finished the quilt I made from last year's block and this block months ago. I was waiting until after the quilt block deadline to show mine here on my blog. 
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  1. Great job! Post pictures from the quilt show when you get back. I hear it is fabulous. Good luck!

  2. Beautiful block. Your hand embroidering is wonderful. You are very talented. Can't wait to see pictures.

  3. Hi!!!! It is beautiful!!!!!

  4. Good luck! Your block is just darling.... you've got to be picked!

  5. Daryl it's beautiful. I love all the embroidery you've done, it's sure to get a prize. Best of luck being able to go to the largest quilt show in the world, makes you a winner in my books. Lucky you.

  6. Wow Daryl! I love that block!!! The belt around the dress may be my favorite embellishment, although I am totally in love with the rick rack embroidery touches and the hanger, and the little tag too.... oh darn! I just love it all!!!! Really cute design and very creative. I'll be shocked if it doesn't win!

  7. It's a winner for sure. The pattern is uniquely you. Over the top handwork

  8. The block is beautiful! As always, your detailed work is just amazing.

  9. OMG! this is so pretty, I love how you added the hanger and the added dangling charm from the hanger:) I loved the border around it too very pretty Daryl!

  10. So, so creative, Daryl. With your attention to detail you have made a fabulous block. Again, I love the French knots on the ric rac.

  11. That block is so awesome and all the little details you've added. I do hope you get a ribbon. Can't wait to get to the post with the picture of the quilt you made with blocks you won last year. I'd love to make it to Oregon one year for the Sisters Quilt Show. It's on my bucket list.


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