Thursday, June 19, 2014

Little Girl's Bag

I started making this little handbag months ago. I had originally planned on creating a pdf pattern for a little girl's handbag to sell on Craftsy, but then I lost my mojo for finishing this bag as well as creating a pattern.

When I had stopped by the library and was talking to the librarian that I had made a custom bag and matching wallet for, she happened to ask me if I had a bag for a little girl already made. I told her I did have one that was nearly finished as it just needed the straps to be sewn to the D-rings and a snap added to close the bag. She needed a gift and so I went home and finished this bag. The funny thing is the fabric I had used for the exterior of this little girl bag was the same fabric I used for the lining of the blue small Savannah bag I just made for Tracie. I think it was meant to be! I hope the little girl who receives this bag loves the bag as well as the fabrics.
This is the little girl bag I started months ago and finally finished. It's my own made up bag design.
Back of the bag.
A polka dot fabric for the lining, and pink polka dot for the binding.
The front pocket is here.
I added doubled stacked flower buttons for looks. Inside the bag it closes with a snap.
This dog print is the same fabric I used for the lining of the small Savannah bag I recently made here.
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  1. I absolutely adore that fabric. She'll love it.

  2. Love the style of the bag. It's so nifty that you can create your own bag patterns. I could never do that!

  3. Sew adorable, Daryl! Great style and that dog fabric is so cute!

  4. SHe is a very lucky girls, the bag is so cute and pretty. I love the flower buttons.

  5. This bag is just adorable! I need to learn how to make handbags!

  6. You HAVE to make this a pattern it is too cute!

  7. I'm sure the little recipient loves her new bag, Daryl. It's a great design, especially the outside pocket!!!

  8. Too cute! I'm betting the little girl loved the bag.


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