Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Fabric Quilted Postcards

Yesterday I posted some of the fabric postcards that I had made and I have some more to show to you today. I still have more I am working on in various stages too. Plus one I made that I don't want to show you yet until that person receives the cards. I want her to be surprised first before she sees it here on my blog lol!
 I added sequins and French Knots at the top of the dress. I don't want to add beads or buttons in case these go through the mail. I worry about them coming off or getting broken. So with the sequins being flat and well stitched in place, that won't happen
A little blue bird.
This is the only 3-D postcard I made. It was a bit fussy and I won't do another one like this for a postcard. I might for a small wall quilt though.
A teacup. There was so much background space that needed something, so I sewed on some sequins and added French knots in the centers.
A single coneflower.  It's royal purple, but that color always photographs more blue for me.
A handbag.
I only had a small piece of this fabric and I loved it. I made it into a couple of postcards and I added glitter to the fabric.
Another section of the fabric gives it a different look. More glitter added to this one too.
A tulip. I free motion stitched this whole card and tried a decorative stitch on the edging. This card has a different backing fabric and so it was thinner to stitch the edging through.
I had painted this card first made it into a postcard and left it as is. But it just needed something else, so I did some doodling on the card. It was harder to doodle on it after-the-fact, because my lines were a bit more wobbly drawing on the thicker fabric. 
This too was a painted postcard I made and then decided to add the doodles on after. 
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  1. these are great, I like the way you made the dress a bit 3 dimensional. they are all adorable and the embellishments add some pizzas.

  2. You have been busy! They are all so cute. The recipient is going to love it.

  3. All are such cute designs for your cards. I love how the stitching on the tulip looks, keeping the tulip looking dainty and light. Your use of variegated threads for your overcast border frames looks nice.

  4. I'm sure that 3-d card was a challenge, but it looks amazing! I'm sure it looks even niftier in person!

  5. These are great! The 3-D is lovely!

  6. They all look great, Daryl. Really love the 3D and the hand painted second from the bottom.

  7. Such pretty postcards! Each is uniquely beautiful. I do love that 3D dress. What a great idea for a wall quilt!

  8. Wow you've been busy and such wonderful cards.
    Thanks for sharing them.


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