Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Small Savannah Bag #3 in Blue with Matching Wallet

When I made a Savannah Bag using a Chris W Design pattern last year, I not only loved how the bag was roomy enough to hold my laptop and so much more, but I loved the shape of the bag. I thought I could reduce the size of the bag so that it would hold my personal things without the laptop, and eliminate the pockets that I didn't need and add pockets that I wanted. My smaller Savannah Bag came out great. My daughter loves messenger style bags and she liked the look of this bag so I made my daughter a small Savannah Bag too in fabrics that she chose. It's one of my favorite bags.

The other day when I stopped by the library where I used to work, one of the librarians asked about making her a larger bag with pockets to hold her phone and keys. I had made a small flat style bag for her several years ago. I told her I would bring in some of the examples of bags that I had made and could make her a custom bag just for her. The next day when I brought in several bags for her to look at she really liked my small Savannah bag. She said she liked blue or purple and left it to me to put together the bag and the colors. I also asked if she wanted a matching wallet and she said sure. So I chose a couple of blue fabrics and added an accent of a purple batik that was the same fabric that I used for the flap of my small Savannah bag. I love the results and Tracie loves it too.
Here is the small Blue Savannah Bag I made. I changed the closure to a tab with a magnetic snap rather that a swivel hook closure.
The purple batik not only accents the center of the flap, but I used it for the 2 side pockets on the gusset too. The pockets will fit keys or a phone nicely.
There is a zippered pocket on the back of the bag.
With a zipper pull that I made to match the bag.
Another zippered pocket that I added in the front of the bag under the flap.
This zipper pull has a purple and blue bead.
The cute lining fabric I chose because Tracie is an animal lover and she especially likes dogs. This fabric was just a happy fabric and I hope she smiles whenever she opens her bag. :0) I also added a swivel hook inside to hold her keys if she wants that is located next to these pockets, but isn't visible in this photo.
The matching blue wallet. I chose the darker blue for the exterior so it wouldn't show the dirt as much. I added the purple accent strip and rounded the wallet corners to mimic the bag flap.
The light blue as the lining and another handmade zipper pull.
I made several changes to the way I made this wallet. You can't see all the changes that I made because most was in the construction. One was a happy accident that turned on the light bulb for me, lol!!! No need to explain and bore you with the details, lol!!!
The matching set. Oh so pretty!
The wallet inside the bag. She looks happy in the bag, don't you think?
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  1. This is a great bag and wallet. The fabrics are so beautiful and the surprising adorable fabric for the lining is so fun. Who could not love this purse. great job as usual. I need to try putting in a magnetic closure.

  2. Just love the extras you add like the zipper pulls. They are beautiful. By the way, you wouldn't bore me with details of the happy accident. I love hearing those things. You never know, I might need a lightbulb turned on, too!

  3. Great bags! Tracie is really going to enjoy using these and thinking of you each time she carries them. Love the doggie fabric.

  4. I'm already a fan of Christine's bags (and I love the blue fabric you chose) but I'm really admiring your zipper pulls. Cool!

  5. Love your bag and wallet, beautiful colours, you probably already know I love blues and those zipper pull are so cute. I'd love to see her face when she opens up her new bag to see that gorgeous and fun doggie fabric. I'd love to hear about your happy accident.

  6. Love it! Or rather, them!!! I'm hoping to work on a bag in the next few weeks. So much to do and so little time!!!!

  7. Love the matching set! Great colors!

  8. I love the smaller bag and your fabric choices are great too. I'm sure she will love the bag you have custom made just for her

  9. WOW! I love the the bright beautiful blue! Beautiful as always my friend!!

  10. Beautiful in blue !!!

  11. Great finishes, Daryl! What a wonderful custom treat for your friend. Great job!

  12. Love the combination of blue fabrics, Daryl and I just adore the little zipper pulls.

  13. Love the bag and colors and the matching wallet. The inside fabric was really cute and bright making it easy to find
    things that float to the bottom I'm sure

    Thanks for sharing you creation


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