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The City Slicker: Bag-of-the-Month Club for June

I actually made this bag in April because I was one of Christine's bag testers for this bag. The City Slicker is the last bag of the Bag-of-the-Month Club. I have really enjoyed making these 6 bags from 6 different designers. I believe all of the designers will have their bag pattern for sale individually on their website starting in July (or thereabouts). So if there is a bag or 2 or 3 that you might like to make for yourself, you can go to their site and purchase the pattern in July or August. To see all the bags that everyone made for the Bag-of-the-Month Club, you can also go to the Flickr group here.  (Be sure to keep checking back to see other bags that haven't yet been posted on Flickr) It's fun to see the variety of fabrics used and the changes that some people made to their bags. I made small changes on all of the bags that I made, mostly because I didn't have the hardware for the closures so I needed to make that change and I made a few other changes on some of the other bags as well.

For this City Slicker bag, I used some fabric that I had for several years. The fabrics coordinated with one another: stripes, dots, paisley and a handbag print. I added a couple of other fabrics I already had that went so well with these fabrics, like the near solid fabric for the handles and the peach color fabric for the front pocket and the lining fabric. I love this bag!!! Thanks Christine for designing another fantastic bag that looks fabulous and is a perfect size, not too large and not too small either. The bag I made is the advanced version of the City Slicker Bag. Christine's intermediate version has a simpler strap tab that is not rounded for easier straight stitch sewing. Also on the intermediate version, there is not a welt pocket on the back or the pleated interior pockets, but simpler slip pockets. Okay now here's my bag~
This is the front of the bag. I fussy cut my flap to show the handbag print fabric. I used a magnetic snap because I didn't have a twist lock closure and I wanted this fabric to show. The pocket has darts in the corners to give the pocket dimension.
This is the back of the bag. There is a welt pocket here.
You can see the front pocket dimension here. There is a full zipper on top. I used a metal zipper because I had it already and it was the perfect color, but it was very hard to close after the bag was made due to the curve of the bag. I mentioned this to Christine and told her she might want to warn people not to use a metal zipper because it could be difficult to open and close, so she did add that in her instructions to use a nylon zipper not a metal zipper. However, I rubbed the zipper teeth with soap and wax and zipped and unzipped the bag as I used it and the zipper is working just fine now. But you just never know with those metal zippers.
Looking up so you can see the bottom of the bag.
Lots of pockets inside this advanced version of the bag. A zippered pocket with a divided slip pocket in front, a pleated pocket, 2 pen pockets behind the pleated pocket and those have 2 more pockets on the sides. There are 12 pockets total inside and out on the advanced version. I like how this bag opens up. I sewed a ribbon all around the inside to hide the double stitching lines because my stitches weren't perfectly on top of the other stitches and that bothered me, so I covered it up with ribbon, lol!!! Christine did include this tip about using the ribbon in her pattern after I shared it with her. 
The pleated pocket with more pockets behind. This paisley fabric was my favorite, but I had already used most of it making travel pillows several years ago. I had a couple of long pieces left that was just perfect to make the inside pockets.
Zippered pocket and a divided slip pocket in front.
The zipper pull I made.
Holds all of my crap,  I mean my essential stuff! Lol!!!

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  1. Very cool bag!!!! This one I would make. I must live under a rock because I do not know what the bag of the month club is...will have to investigate. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So gorgeous!!! I love your bag and the fabrics you choosed! Amazing details! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous day and week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  3. Really great bag and your fabric selection makes it pop!

  4. Fabulous fabrics for such a complicated yet organized bag. Your sewing skills are definitely VERY advanced to be able to make all these amazing elements. Creative Bag Bliss Dear...

  5. What a beautiful bag Daryl and love the fabrics you used!

  6. What a CUTE bag Daryl!!! I even have a few of those fabrics :) Love your zipper pull too - you are so creative in so many ways!

  7. Very nice, Daryl. It is fun to see what others do with the same pattern. I have been dying to show my bag too since I tested as well. I hope to post mine later today.

  8. Such a lovely bag! I love the fun fabrics you chose! I'm pinning it to my Bag Lady Board.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  9. What a fantastic bag, Daryl! The fabrics coordinate so well together...I love your variation, and I'm going to show it to my girls!

    I had the privilege of testing this bag, too, and I love the size and design of it. I would like to make another one!

    I really like what you did with the pattern. Thanks also for the tip of soaping down the metal zipper! The metal zip on my City Slicker bag might benefit from that treatment.

    I didn't participate in the Bag of the Month club, but I enjoyed it from afar. The designs were creative and varied and the different versions were great. I think it was a fantastic idea!


  10. When this months pattern showed up in my inbox this morning I was so excited! Love your fabrics Daryl,they just make this bag,and the detail shown in the photographs is amazing. You have done an outstanding job on this bag,and make me want to make it right away. Thank you for the tips about the zipper and ribbon too.

  11. This bag is a study in learning how to make every kind of pocket. I love the look of a nice welted pocket. great job and the colors are fabulous. how can you not smile when you use this purse. the over all design has a whimsy to it as well. great job and all your little touches makes it all the more beautiful. I would never attempt a bag this complicated nor one with so many zippers and pockets. I admire those of you that are not afraid of the challenge. kudos to you

  12. This is a great bag pattern. Your fabric choices are wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your bag looks amazing Daryl!!!!! The fabrics and colours are so beautiful and coordinate so well. I always groan when I see so many pockets in Christine's bags but they really are so useful and keep everything organized to the point that I can never find anything anyway and then I have to search all the pockets LOLLL. Also I love how the main zipper opens up completely so you can see well inside the bag. I used to use metal zippers alot in bags but have stopped using them for the same reason you said. I would put one in if it was for me but not if I was planning on selling it. Beautiful bag and design.

  14. I've said it before Daryl and I'll say it again! I LOVE your version of the City Slicker! :)

  15. This is a great looking bag. Your fabrics and all the little details are as wonderful as always. I seldom make or carry a bag but if I did I would want one of these ... :) Pat

  16. Hi Daryl:) WOW! this bag is beautiful and fabulous in the inside with side the dividers to keep the inside nicely organized. I don't get you blog posts via email anymore and I missed these post.

  17. Hi Daryl, This is a beautiful bag and I love the colors you picked. Your bags just keep getting more professional looking as you go. Bobbie

  18. A fabulous bag, Daryl, with a place for everything. I don't think you can have too many pockets in a bag.


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