Saturday, January 29, 2022

Introducing the Trapeze Zip Pouches PDF & Video

I tested the set of 3 Trapeze Zip Pouches (small-medium-large sizes) from Chezvies recently, and while I was making them, I thought I would enlarge the largest size for fun and to add a wrist strap and a tab end. I shared this with the testing group and Elvira of Chezvies Patterns loved the the larger size and decided to include the extra large size as a Bonus in the pattern. She didn't include the wrist strap or tab end, but if you wanted to add that on any of the pouches, it wouldn't be hard to add.

This is such a fast, fun and easy to make zip pouch. They can nest together inside the largest size you make and are so useful for so many things. I loved testing these and it was the first time testing for Elvira, which was a pleasure.

The Trapeze Zipper Pouch pattern comes in 4 sizes which makes great organizer pouches for your stuff while traveling or going for classes/work. An easy and quick project to make, the pattern includes 4 templates and video tutorials.
It’s now at a special price, valid until February 3rd, 2022
Download the pattern at:

Here are my tester versions. I used different fabrics for each pouch because I wanted to see how they would look. Other testers made theirs in the same fabric so that they would all match. The choice is yours. The other great thing about these pouches is that it only requires a zipper and no hardware at all.
Small-medium-large and my extra large version that I added a strap and zipper end to.

Inside these pouches you can hold all kinds of items. I placed sewing clips in the small, pens in the medium, and sunglasses in the large to give you an idea of what to place inside of them.

When you want to store the empty pouches, they nest inside of one another.

This is the large size.

The medium size.

The small size I made from the fabric of a pair of jeans. The jeans were so plain, so I stitched some decorative stitches on the jeans before making the pouch. Then I added some French knots by hand.

Inside the extra large size.

This is the extra large size. The strap and tab are not a part of the instructions because this was the pouch I enlarged and made while testing the others and that Elvira decided to include in the pdf pattern too.

Buy the pdf pattern now and you will save 25%. Sale price only good until until February 3, 2022, so grab it now.

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  1. These are really cute, Daryl! I love how the nest!

  2. what a fun quick project, I always like how you had a wrist strap and a tap as well as a zipper pull.
    love the various sizes. great job.

  3. Those would make a great gift in a matching set!

  4. These are so cute and fun!!! I love the fun fabrics you used!


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