Monday, December 13, 2021

Snow Globe & Star Ornaments Made with Felt & Cotton Fabric

My 3rd Crafter's Edge Project for December is that I made a few ornaments out of felt and fabric. I used the Star Die Cut for one, the Circle die cut and the Tumbler die cut for the other two, along with some applique.

I cut a couple of Star die cuts, one out of cotton fabric for the front and one for the backing in felt. I added the appliqué and stitched around the shapes by hand with embroidery floss. A few hot fix crystals were added for bling. I backed the star with felt and blanket stitched the layers together all around. 

I used a Circle die to cut out the circle fabric and then I cut out the base using the Tumbler die cut. I placed the circle on top of the tumbler shape (with the widest part of the tumbler at the bottom) and then measured up about 2 1/4" from the bottom of the tumbler and cut off the excess top of the tumbler. I fused the circle to the tumbler and appliquéd the snow globe pieces by hand too.  A few crystals were added for bling and to look like snow falling. Then I placed this on top of a piece of felt and cut around the felt, leaving a bit of the felt exposed, and blanket stitched around it all. I added a loop of embroidery floss to hang it up. 

I made this the same way as the other snow globe. Crystals for falling snow and a couple of red crystals for the snowman's buttons were added too.

All 3 together here.

The die cuts I used (along with the Crossover II die cut machine by Crafter's Edge) are these:

Crafter's Edge die cuts and the Crossover II die cut machine made it so easy to cut out the shapes I wanted to use. I really loved making these cute ornaments.
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  1. Great job, they are so cute!

  2. these are adorable, I can't believe how much detail is in each piece. I really like the snow globe idea its so original and fun.

  3. Those are the sweetest ornaments!!! Love them :^)

  4. Wow, these are really cute! What clever ideas you had to create these! I love the hand stitching too--something to do in front of the tv in the evenings or in the car when on a trip.


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