Tuesday, December 14, 2021

3 Car Trash Bins

I made 3 car trash can/bins. I made one for our car, one for a friend and one for my daughter. These are fast and easy to make and very large too!

I used cotton fabric for the exterior and fused woven interfacing to the exterior pieces. I used a waterproof canvas for the lining, so they are easy to clean. Instead of using Velcro I added a plastic Kam snap. These snap around the head rest of the car, or through the head rest opening. Our head rest is wide, so I snapped it through the opening in the head rest, but I was able to snap it around the base of the head rest in my daughter's car. The pdf and video is by More Me Know and it's free.

I had just enough of this fabric left to make this one. Since hubby commented he liked this fabric, I decided to use it to make this one for our car. 

Gray waterproof canvas for the lining.

I made this one for my friend, Tara, who has been working so much and in her car a lot. It's such a nice big size that she decided to use it to put her books on tape into this, since she listens to them while driving all over the state.

Tara asked for Jewel Tones and this fabric had those colors, so I chose the fuchsia waterproof canvas lining to pick up the pick of fuchsia color in the print.

I made this one for my daughter. She wanted a burnt orange, but didn't like any of the orange fabrics I had. So I showed her some yellow and she liked this one. 

I love how this one turned out!

A bright yellow waterproof canvas for the lining makes the fabric print pop more. I could have used gray lining, but it would have toned down the print more. 

These made some great & useful gifts. 

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  1. Really pretty and practical gifts, Daryl!! It would be hard for me to choose a favorite!

  2. Very clever! I know they’ll be appreciated!

  3. What could be handier in a car and you’ve made them easy on the eyes. They’re a great idea.

  4. Very versatile bag, I see lots of uses for them in vehicles. Are you going to make these for selling too? I think you should:)

  5. Nice! Been wanting to make a similar thing for a long time now, but can't seem to decide on a final design. (I'm imagining one that could hang from the door or the glove box.) As you say, these ones seem quite big, so I'd have to scale them down for that purpose.

  6. I am the lucky recipient of one of the bags. It is way to pretty to put garbage in it. I flipped it around so it hooks onto the passenger seat headrest in the front and its perfect for keeping my books on CD's. I just love looking at the lovely colors and I find it so handy. it was so thoughtful of Daryl to make it for me and I love it so much. There are so many uses for this bag, one of these days when I have free time again I want to make one.

  7. These are so clever. Your colors are fun. I might have to take a look at the free pattern. They would make great little gifts to drivers. Thanks for sharing.


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