Monday, December 27, 2021

Extra Large Podlet Fabric Basket

I wanted to make a large basket to hold my wool balls that I use in the dryer when drying clothes (in lieu of fabric softener). I was using the large size Podlet basket (Free pattern by Spencer Ogg) that I made to hold the wool balls, but it wasn't large enough, so I experimented in making an extra large size Podlet. It came out larger than needed, so I also toss in my mittens and hats and scarf in the basket this time of year too. The basket sits on top of my dryer.

Since I wasn't sure what size to make, I doubled the measurements of the large Podlet, but after fusing the interfacing on the back pieces and noticing my cutting wasn't quite straight, I trimmed the pieces down enough to make them all the same size, so it wasn't quite double size, but close. 

After making this size basket, the basket wasn't quite as rigid as I would like. I think that was due to this larger size and that I used woven cotton interfacing only. Because of how this basket is constructed, I couldn't really add a heavier stabilizer to it or it wouldn't fold or would be too thick in the seams to sew. I decided to add rivets to all four corners to help to keep the shape of the basket a bit. That helped, but still not perfect. Oh well, it does the job and was so quick and easy to make.

I have seen people on the Spencer Ogg Facebook Group show off their Podlets of various sizes and some have made huge Podlet baskets, so I thought this one I made would be fine. Maybe they used stiff material or different interfacing? 

My extra large basket measures 12" wide x 7" high x 6" deep.

Lots of room in this basket.

If you look closely at this fabric, you will see there is a direction to the fabric. The stem and leaves are the main thing that have a direction. So I had to cut the fabric in half and place them in the correct orientation, but I didn't quite have enough fabric so....

...I had to sew a strip of blue fabric on the bottom. Now the leaves and stems will be the correct way on both sides of the basket and not upside down on one side.

The wool balls, hats and a scarf fit into this basket that lives on top of my dryer.
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  1. Beautiful fabric and "fix". (I love those kind of fixes because they seem so purposely done.) Maybe some fusible fleece would have done the job of making it more rigid, but it seems to stand up fine in the pictures.

    Did the designer explain the name? I wonder since it doesn't make me think of a "pod" at all.

  2. Great fix, Daryl! I love that sunflower fabric. I think ByAnnie's stabilizer would have given this great support, though stitching through it can be a bit much sometimes!!

  3. you did a wonderful job and I just love the fabric. thanks for explain the fix it looks great. you can never have enough containers. dryer balls are so wonderful they deserve a good home.


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