Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year 2022 & Email Subscriptions to My Blog

I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year (let's hope it is) in 2022.

I also wanted to let you know that I finally got the email subscription to work on my blog. I tried to install it before but wasn't techy enough to understand some of the steps and how to do it right. Thank goodness for techy blog people who write great tutorials because I was finally able to follow this great tutorial to get it to work. Thanks so much SofanMax!

The email subscription box is on the right sidebar with the turquoise/pink/purple color. Just type in your email address (make sure you typed it correctly) and click subscribe. will email you to activate the subscription to my blog and you just need to click on that. Then when I post you get the full blog post in your email inbox. 

Thank you to all my followers (however you follow me), I greatly appreciate it. 

Being on both the Crafter's Edge Design Team and the Therm-O-Web Design Team is certainly keeping me busy creating and I hope that you like what I create and are inspired by it to create something of your own. 

I also appreciate those who have purchased some of my creations from me too. Even if I don't list some items I make for sale, I may want to sell them. I often have some of my works in a gift shop to sell too, so if you see something I have made and would like to inquire about whether it is something I have for sale, please email me and ask. My email is on the right side bar too or use the Contact Form. Same goes for having something custom made, like a bag, please contact me. 

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  1. Happy to help
    and happy new year! 🙏

  2. Love seeing all your designs/creations. You definitely stay busy.
    Happy New Year!


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