Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I Am On The Crafter's Edge Design Team!

I am excited to announce that I was accepted to be a part of the Design Team for Crafter's Edge. Yay!!! Crafter's Edge is a company that sells the Crossover 2 Die Cut Machine and cutting dies and other items too. The machine cuts both fabric and paper. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona and they make the cutting dies right there in Phoenix too.

I received the Crossover 2 machine and some dies last Saturday evening. So I waited until Sunday morning to start learning how to use the machine and playing with the dies. I have never owned a die cut machine before, so it is a new experience for me. I like that the dies are not sharp and you can place them on to the fabric where you want them. It kind of reminds me of using cookie cutters and trying to get as many cookies as you can out of one rolling of cookie dough. The dies even look somewhat like flattened cookie cutters. These dies make it so easy if you want to fussy cut a part of your fabric because the dies are open in the middle allowing to see where you want to place them.
This is the Crossover 2 Die Cutting Machine.
See how you can see through the stars like a cookie cutter. This is great for fussy cutting.

A couple of things that are cool about this die cutting machine is that it has a pressure dial on it to dial up or down the pressure, depending on what you are cutting (info in in the instructions booklet). And the handle can fold up too when the machine is folded up, if you push in the lever to fold it. 

If you already own a die cutting machine like Accquilt or Sizzix, you can use Crafter's Edge dies with your die cutting machine too, although you may need to order and adaptor plate for certain machine.

So in exchange for being on the design team, I have to post on social media one project that I make using the die(s) each month. Being able to cut things out quicker and multiples of each shape at once, leaves more time for the sewing part, so I am already loving that! I can post any time I want during each month, so there is no specific day or time that each designer can post. 

Here are the other design team members that you can visit to see if you would like to follow them and see what they make using the Crafter's Edge dies each month. We all start posting our makes in April, so I hope you get inspired by what you see these designers make; I hope to get inspired too! 

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  1. Congrats!!!! I am sure you will have fun. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Waiting for my goodies!! Looking forward to being a part of the team, my friend!

  3. Congratulations Daryl, you will do a wonderful job being on their design team and I can't wait to see what you create!

  4. Congrats Daryl!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of die cutting! I look forward to seeing your creations.

  5. I love using the dies and can't wait to see what you make. It's a fun group of designers!

  6. this is fantastic I can't wait to see what gorgeous things you come up with. you always inspire.

  7. I am so excited to be part of the team too!!

    1. Sandie, since you are a no reply, I couldn't directly respond to you as your comment didn't have an email. I am looking forward to seeing what we all create.


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