Friday, March 26, 2021

Foxglove Yoga Bag

My good friend asked me about making a yoga bag. I was up for the challenge of not only making one, but making the right one that would hold all the items that she need to carry to her hot yoga class. I scoured the internet looking for yoga bag styles, thinking I could design my own bag or use a similar pattern I already have and make changes to. But mostly what I found was a yoga bag that carried a yoga mat and nothing else. That just wouldn't do! 

My friend needs to carry her yoga mat, 2 large yoga blocks, a towel, her face mask, a spray bottle (for hot yoga), her keys, cell phone (I think?) and a couple of smaller items too. The styles of bags I saw online (whether the bag itself was for sale or a pattern) just wasn't going to work at all. Then I found a great bag pattern that can work for a yoga/exercise bag or a diaper bag too. The only changes I made were to add a large divided slip pocket inside instead of the elastic gathered pockets and I added a zippered pocket inside too, I quilted the bottom of the bag and I topstitched around the gusset both inside and out for a nice look and for more added security for the seams, and I used a larger #5 zipper for the front pocket and the closure of the bag, which I think looks much nicer.

I wanted to make sure this bag would work for her, so I decided to make one so she could put all her things in the bag to make sure I didn't need to alter the size or add or subtract anything. If I needed to make any changes, then she could choose the fabric she wanted and I would make it for her. She placed her items inside and everything fit well and she ended up buying this bag from me. I couldn't be more pleased it worked for her and she loved it.

This bag measures: 17.75" W x 12.75" H x 5" D
The print has dragons on it. The front is a pleated zipper pocket, which is large enough to hold most shoes. 

The sides of the bag each have an elastic pocket, which is perfect for holding a spray bottle and a water bottle in the other pocket. Or toss in your keys for easy access if you only need one pocket for water.

The top of the bag is wide for holding the rolled up mat which hooks in place with a D-ring and a swivel hook. The main bag closes with a zipper.

Lots of room inside the bag. A zipper pocket on one side and a divided slip pocket on the other side.

I made this divided slip pocket large.

Fully loaded with the mat secured on top.

Inside the front zipper pocket.

The back of the bag is pleated too, but has no zipper pocket. I can add a second zipper pocket here if needed (for an additional cost of course).

The bottom of the bag has a stabilizer to keep it sturdy and purse feet. I quilted the bottom to really hold the stabilizer in place.

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  1. greatest yoga bag ever. this is my yoga bag and it is perfect. besides being absolutely gorgeous its so functional. It holds all my yoga supplies. Yesterday more people in class commented on it and seemed interested in having one made. when I look at all the detail I'm in awe of how much work went into making this bag. Daryl you are amazing and it was so kind of you to do so much research to try to figure out what would work best. You nailed it. I have purchased other yoga bags that were cheaper but they never lasted, this one is definitely well made and will be with me a long time. 1,000 times thank you. Tara

  2. Nice bag that could be used for a lot of different things!

  3. Oh, I expect you will get orders. That bag design is brilliant!

  4. It’s a great yoga bag, Daryl. Or any other type of toting bag a person might need. Your bags always look beautifully stitched.

  5. Very elegant yoga bag! And looks like it's big enought to carry all you need to. Lovely!

  6. Thank you for the detailed review. I have been looking for information on this pattern before I make one as a gift. Much appreciated.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm about to make a Foxglove yoga bag for a birthday gift and it's great to see all the pictures and comments.


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