Thursday, March 25, 2021

Sneaky Satchel Cross Body Bag & Matching Little Wallet

This is the latest bag from ChrisW Designs, called the Sneaky Satchel, and is the second bag in the Minimise to Maximise Collection. Why is it sneaky you might ask? Well you can wear it as a cross body bag, or shorten the straps to wear on your shoulder, or remove the strap and slip it through the back and wear it as a fanny pack, bum bag,/waist bag. hip bag (or whatever the correct term it is these days). I will point out the features in captions under each photo, so you can see what I am referring to.

This is a video course, which is so popular these days as you can sew along with Christine and you feel like you just got a private lesson.

Here is the bag front, which has a flap with a magnetic closure. You can see the strap clips on to the D-rings at the top sides to wear as a cross body bag or use the adjustable slider to shorten the strap to wear it on your shoulder.

I added a label on the flap.

I made a little wallet to match this Sneaky Satchel.

On the back of the bag is a zipper pocket and a sneaky compartment that is open on the sides, which you will see better in the side view in another photo below.

The inside of the wallet. I like to make matching little wallets to include in the bags that I sell.

Inside the bag has a zippered pocket.

Okay without a model it was really hard to capture that back sneaky part, which I placed a rolled up paper through the back part. This slide through back can be a great place to slide your sweater or a scarf through when the weather warms up, so you can wear your bag and not have to carry your sweater. It is also the place where you can remove the strap and slide it through the back opening to wear as a waist bag. 

Here is the back view again with the rolled paper inserted through the back.

Again, since I had no model, I used my larger flower pot to hook the strap around it's "waist", lol!

Side view showing how the waist bag is worn.

Larger photo showing the waist bag being worn around the flower pot waist, lol!

I needed to take more photos for Christine, because the ones above my camera setting was set for a different size and they weren't clear enough. So I took more photos and I hope you like these too.

I love this train fabric print and I paired it with a gray faux cork fabric (looks like cork, but it's cotton). This would be the perfect bag to take on a train, don't you think? Or a bus, plane, boat too.

My flower pot is loving wearing this Sneaky Satchel as waist/hip bag.

If you want to make this bag, the video course is now available. It also comes with bulleted instructions for those who can remember the steps after viewing the video once and just want to read the steps. If you aren't receiving Christine's newsletter, then sign up for it and you will get a discount on all new releases, plus a free pdf for making the Coco Bag (I made a few modified version of Coco before).

For lots of inspiration, check out the tester versions of the Sneaky Satchel here or join the ChrisW Designs Facebook Group to see what other bag makers have made. Be sure you answer all 3 questions to get into the group. You can mention how you found out about the group, by mentioning my name or my blog (and that I am bag tester for Christine).

If you would like to purchase this Sneaky Satchel bag with the matching wallet that I made, please contact me.
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  1. what a great idea, I adore how sneaky it is and its a great looking bag. how wonderful to have a video to go along with the pattern, that is brilliant. great work as always.


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