Thursday, March 11, 2021

Show Off Bag 1 & 2

I made these bags so long ago (over a year!), but totally forgot to share them. This is the Show Off Bag pattern by Whistlepig Creek, but with some changes of course!
I made one slightly smaller, but both in the same fabric. The larger one I gave to my niece to use as a diaper bag or whatever she wanted to use it for. Her baby is over a 16 months old now. I put the baby quilt and stuffed bears I made into the bag when I mailed it to her. I already shared those 2 things in a past post, but somehow forgot about sharing these. So here they are.

This is the large size bag and I added purse feet to the bottom of the bag to help keep it clean.

Inside the bag are lots of slip pockets on both sides.

I added a hidden pocket on both the front and the back of the bag, which is perfect for holding a phone or keys.

The baby quilt and stuffed bears are inside this bag that I sent to my niece over a year ago.

The side has pockets with elastic on top.

Here is the front hidden pocket. and there is one on the back as well.

A zippered closure to keep the contents secure inside.

Show Off Bag 2 (reduced slightly)~

I made these pockets a bit shorter and I don't remember how or why that happened?

I used a blue zipper for this bag.

Inside a different fabric for the lining. I SOLD this second bag.

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  1. gorgeous, its the perfect transformer bag. it will work as a diaper bag and then beautifully transform into a project bag or purse. great color and pattern. its so spacious which is the kind of bags I use all the time. as always I love it. Tara

  2. The outside reminds me of the Open Wide bags.

  3. So pretty, Daryl! Love that blue fabric!


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