Monday, July 13, 2020

Drawstring Project Bags in 2 Sizes

I love a good project bag for knitting. I made one a few years ago and really liked it, but it was not large enough for larger projects or larger yarn skeins, so I increased the size of the bag and I really like this size a lot! I made 2 in the larger size and one in the original size. This bag was something I saw on a video and I made several changes to it, in fact so many changes it is more my design now. I will be making more of these bags because I have a few cute prints that would lend themselves really well to a knitting or crochet project bag. I have this print pictured also in a gray with red colorway, I have a sheep print, and a llama print in 2 background colors, so I will be making some of these in both sizes using those prints.

Lots of photos to show bag inside and out and with yarn in use too.

The project bag features a front slip pocket, a carry handle, a drawstring with cord locks and a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. This is the larger size and it measures 14" wide x 11 1/2" high to bottom of casing and 13 1/4" H to top of casing, 3 1/2" deep. This bag is not quilted, but I used fusible fleece and interfacing on all the fabric, which made this bag a bit more structured. 

Showing the depth of the bag and the drawstring with the cord locks.

Here is the back of the bag with a zippered pocket to keep your smaller items secure.

I found these cool charms a while ago and use them only on my knitting bags and I add beads to make a nice zipper pull.

Here I show how the bag looks once you pull the drawstrings. I didn't secure it closed yet with the cord locks. That I show in another photo.

Inside the large bag is nice and roomy to hold your yarn and knitting.

Here is the drawstring closed with the cord locks so no worried about the drawstring loosening until you unlock the cord.

Inside the back zippered pocket. Did you notice my multi-colored zipper teeth? I saw a zipper like this on a bag making group and I asked the woman who made her bag if she colored the zipper teeth with Sharpie Markers and she said she bought the zipper like that. Well, I decided to color mine with Sharpie Markers on a white zipper to give it a bit of pizzazz. Kind of fun and it turned out looking good. What do you think? 

The bag on the left and in the middle are the larger bags and the bag on the right is smaller.

Here is the bag in action. You can fit your instructions in a plastic sleeve cover and it fits in the front slip pocket with wiggle room to spare.

A ball of yarn and a project in process fit nicely inside with extra room for more yarn skeins, if needed.

This is the inside of the second large size bag.

Large bag too. On this bag I quilted it and did not add interfacing to the exterior pieces, just to the lining and zipper pocket. I like this one better as it feel softer, yet is still structured enough. For a project bag it doesn't need to be overly structured. I experiment a lot to find just the right ingredients for certain bags. Measures 14" wide x 11 1/2" high to bottom of casing and 13 1/4" H to top of casing, 3 1/2" deep.

For this bag I decided to use a #5 zipper, which is wider that the #3 zipper I used (with the Sharpie Marker colors). I do think I prefer the #5 zippers better, so I will be using that size from now on for the next bags I make.

Inside the zipper pocket.

Another zipper pull I made with the yarn charm.

Drawstring cinched up and locked with cord locks. I also added Kam snaps to snap the front pocket to keep it closed if carrying smaller items inside. The snaps can be left unsnapped for adding taller items like instruction sheets in the pocket. I also added a few crystals for a bit of bling on the front.

Instruction sheet inside the pocket.

Here is the small size bag. I also quilted this bag like the 2nd large one above. The finished measurements of this small bag are 12" wide x 9 3/4" high to the bottom of the casing, and 11 1/4" high to the top of the casing and 3" deep.
#5 zipper used here too. Plus rivets on the strap and sides of pocket.

Beaded zipper pull with yarn charm.

Inside zipper pocket.

Inside the bag.

Drawstring cinched with cord locks secure. One Kam snap added to pocket to help keep smaller items secure inside the pocket.

Just to show you that this is the only direction the instructions would fit, but they do stick up out of the pocket too much. However, you could fold the instructions in half and it would fit perfectly into the pocket that way without the plastic sleeve cover.

While this project does fit inside, it will soon grow larger as it is knit, so this size project bag is much more suited to knitting socks or a scarf.

Large project bag with purple handle and drawstring casing in my Etsy Shop here.
The small project bag is in my Etsy Shop here.
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  1. Love the knitting fabric, Daryl, and the zipper pull.

  2. this is wonderful, as an avid knitter its so helpful to have a variety of bags to use for various projects. if you have more than one project in the works its really helpful to have more than one bag. this one looks really good and so practical. for one you knew NOT to use any velcro on your knitting bag which always amazes me when people sell a bag for knitting and then the closure has velcro which will ruin or greatly mess up your yarn. great job and fun fabric, i agree i think llama or sheep fabric would be great to use i know you have some fun ones.

  3. Excellent job and meticulously put together, Daryl. Too bad I don't need a project bag for knitting! How coincidental that you showed how you managed to "dye" the zipper teeth. I was just now looking at zippers in an Etsy shop that had rainbow shaded teeth and I had recalled that you had dyed zipper tape in the past. It occurred to me that one might be able do the same with the zipper teeth and here you go proving me right...!

  4. OH I love your bags. I have made very few, but love love love them! I may have to check out your Etsy shop!

  5. Drawstring bags are SO useful for so many things. And I love the way that this one has an added zip compartment!

    1. Thank you Jo. Since you are a no reply blogger, I have to reply here and not by email (since I don't have your email). I wanted to put the pockets on the outside of the bag so nothing would get in the way of the yarn and project inside the bag and for easier access to pockets outside.


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