Saturday, July 11, 2020

Snowman Gift Bag

When I bought a few patterns from The Wooden Bear, they included this cute  Snowman Gift Bag. I figured it looked easy enough to give it a go, so I made it. It can hold a bottle of wine or any smaller item. The top is tied with a ribbon around his hat.

There are raw edges inside the bag the way it is constructed, but since this is a gift bag that won't be used very often, it works fine. I would probably have constructed it differently to avoid the raw edges, but not worth the extra time for doing that just for a gift bag.

It is a cute bag and if you have long enough scraps, you can use them up making this bag, except for the hat that takes a larger piece as it is folded in half.

Bag measures 6" wide x 15" high.

$12 + $6 shipping. ($18 total). Email me if you want to purchase this bag. I will invoice you through PayPal. Thanks.
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  1. Super cute, I'd love getting a gift inside it!

  2. that is adorable, sewn gift bags are so fun and practical especially if you use them with your immediate family because you can reuse them. we are in a heat wave and you keep sewing all these images that make you think of cooler weather. are you doing that on purpose?

  3. Cute bag. Was this a pattern? It looks easy enough to make and the bottom part of the bag with the quilting could be made stiff enough to hold something fragile.


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