Friday, July 24, 2020

Teloujay Cross Body Bag

This Cross Body Bag is called Teloujay, which designer Jo of Country Cow Designs says is a made up word. Jo also has made a video showing you how to make this bag as well as the pdf. I did watch her video and it is well done. The Teloujay Bag can be made in short or tall versions, I made the short version here. The tall version has a taller top band.

There are a few things I learned how to do making this bag. One was to make a double sided strap which I hadn't done before and she has credit card slots inside the zippered pocket, which is interesting to place them in the pocket, so that was also new to me.

I did add another slip pocket just like the front on the back of the bag, rather than leave the back plain. I saw a few people on her Facebook Group add a zippered pocket on the back of the bag, which is also a good idea.

This bag has SOLD.

I like this slip pocket on the front of the bag. It's roomy and a perfect place for keys or a phone. I made the same pocket on the back of the bag and it looks the same, so I didn't bother to photograph the back.

The light aqua fabric is Uncorked, a cotton fabric that looks like cork.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap. The zippered pocket is fun because it is a pocket but holds a surprise inside.

Inside the zippered pocket holds 6 credit card slots. The cards fit vertically making it easier to place them in and out. Plus they are nice and secure and hidden in the pocket.

It is hard to see in these photos, but the adjustable strap is 2-sided. The outside is the main fabric and the inner strap is the faux cork print.

This bag sold in my Etsy Shop very quickly after I listed it. Yay!
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  1. nice fabric, i really like the leaves and your contrast fabric. the open pocket on the front can come in handy for your phone. i'm not sure if i would every take credit cards out of my wallet and put them in a purse although personal cards would be great. the adjustable strap is always an important addition. great job as always and your lining fits perfectly.


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