Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Round Scrappy Green Table Topper with Applique Butterflies

I grabbed my green fabric scraps and started piecing free form style (also called crumb quilting or crumb piecing) because I find it fun and relaxing to just sew without a pattern to follow or a real plan in mind. As I pieced these scraps of fabric together I started thinking about what I should do with the scrappy pieces I was making. As my pieces got larger, I thought maybe I would make a few bags, but then an idea popped into my head to make a round table topper. I had already cut and fused some butterfly applique pieces a month ago, thinking I would use them to make some sort of a quilt, so after the top was made, I placed the butterflies on top and fused them into place. I blanket stitched around the butterflies, then hand stitched the antennae, quilted the topper and then sewed on bias binding all around.

I am pleased with the results and I used up a lot of those green scraps that had been accumulating, as well as some batik fabric for the butterflies. I could make one of these in every color scrap I have on hand and still have a ton of scraps left! Using scraps makes my heart sing and I love a free form no rules project too.

This measures about 35".

One of the butterflies and close up of my meandering quilting in a green variegated thread.

The funny thing when I was piecing these green scraps together, a blog I follow (Quilt Fabrication) had just posted a video tutorial showing how to sew Crumbs. Susan was sewing in red fabrics. I commented that I was also sewing crumbs. Susan has a Linky Party called Midweek Makers and I will be linking this on Wednesday to her Linky Party.

I had written a tutorial myself on how to sew a Scrappy Background or Scrappy Quilt, a few years ago. It's a free tutorial that is on Makerist (click the button on sidebar).
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  1. What a fun quilted table topper, Daryl! It will bring a lot of cheer and whimsy to the day. Dontchaknow that scraps only add and multiply. They do not subtract or divide. I keep tossing mine and they keep coming back. But they are fun to have when you want to make improve fabric.

  2. Wow, Wow, gorgeous, i just love it. the colors are perfect, who doesn't love scrappy and your butterflies pop really nicely. you have really inspired me with this topper. i also am glad you reminded me about quilt fabrications because i have always wanted to make the sea and boat quilt on her website. thanks for sharing. Tara

  3. Love it! Especially the butterflies!


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