Saturday, July 25, 2020

Fortune Teller Quilt

Last year when I participated in a blog hop, called Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop another blog hop participant, Charlene, from Just Because Quilts shared her Fortune Teller quilt.  She mentioned at the time that if anyone wanted her pattern for the applique to email her and I did. I finally got around to making the quilt and I love it! Thank you Charlene, I love this quilt!

I was going to work on this among other applique projects at my applique group, but then when this Covid-19 started and everything was cancelled, I decided I needed to work on applique projects at home by myself and this was one of them I made.
The tie part of the headband/scarf I made 3-D and sewed a button to hold it in place. You can see a bit of a close-up in the next photo below.

I added some hot fix crystals to her finger to look like a ring.

More crystals were fused for a necklace.

I used all batik fabrics to make this quilt.

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  1. Fabulous quilt. Your details are great and that expression is priceless. I am pretty sure I found the original - Witchy Stitchy blog hop 2019 Just Because Quilts.

  2. I love this! It was Just Because Quilts for the Witchy Stitchy blog hop.

  3. you are so good at making images of people come alive. your added embellishments really work. i like the button and the crystal. Batiks were the perfect choice.

  4. That is SO cool, Daryl. The ring, necklace and headscarf finish it off perfectly.

  5. She's adorable! Wish I had seen her when I did my Covid 19 and quilting post. Maybe she would come up with a better prediction than what I shared.


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