Monday, July 20, 2020

Triangle & Square Fabric Wallets

Here are a couple of cute wallets. One in a triangle shape and the other is square. Both are from the same pattern by GenyCartes pattern. She does have some cute patterns that I have made a few others before.

While the triangle one is a fun shape, I think the square one is more useful. I used batik fabrics to make both of these wallets. The square shape is also included in the triangle wallet pattern, so you do get 2 wallets in one pattern in case you like me only like the square version.

The triangle wallet has 2 pockets. While this is supposed to hold coins, since it just snaps closed, those coins would fall out if you had this in your bag. It also can hold folded cash, but not much else.

The square wallet also has 2 pockets. You can put credit cards, folded cash in these pockets. Coins too, but they could fall out as it only snaps closed, but the pockets are deeper, so coins would work better in this wallet in my opinion. 

When these are closed, the triangle wallet measures 4 1/2" wide across the top widest part and 4 1/2" tall from top to bottom point. The square wallet measures  4 1/2" wide x 4" high.

There is more than one flap shape that you can make the square wallet with too that is included in the pattern. I chose the pointed tip, but there is a curved flap as well.

While these were cute and fun to make, I guess I am too practical and don't see using the triangle wallet at all. I would use the square wallet when I want to only take a few cards and cash with me in a small bag. I might make the square style again, but not the triangle one. I will probably donate the triangle one for a silent auction or a door prize, if we ever can meet in our groups again.
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  1. fun wallets, i agree the triangle is cute but really what can you put in it? love that you made them out of batiks they are so cheerful. great job.


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