Friday, May 27, 2016

Oval Fabric Basket

When I saw that Carol, of Just Let Me Quilt, had made a fabric oval basket, I knew I wanted to try making one too. Her pattern is free on Crafsty. Carol made a great patriotic basket and even added applique letters "USA" on her basket. I wasn't sure how large this basket would be in person, so I wanted to use up some fabrics I had on hand to try this out. The basket was easy to make and the instructions were very good too! Thanks Carol!

I chose some Christmas fabric because it would make a nice gift, especially with some goodies inside the basket. I noticed after I made mine, that my handles were placed differently than Carol had placed hers. I must have made a goof there, but you know I like them that way as it makes it easier to carry. This basket would also make a nice knitting basket too. I will make more of these now that I know how easy and useful they are.

I might make the next basket with one exterior fabric next time, which would be even faster to make.

The basket bottom. I quilted the bottom following the diamond pattern of the fabric.

Since the handles were too large for my small hands, I folded them back and stitched on top to make it easier for me to grab and carry. Of course if I had placed the handles where they were meant to be on the ends, the handles would be just fine. Sometimes mistakes work out to be better.

My knitting project fits nicely inside this basket.

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  1. How cute! Great idea to use Christmas fabrics - but I bet you keep it instead of gifting it :*)

  2. I love this basket! It's amazing how different fabric can make it look. I like the handles on the side and that fabric is beautiful. You really did a nice job on this!

  3. No goofs...just an option you have created. With the handles on the sides you can pick up and carry with one hand as opposed to the ends which may require two hands to do the job. I also love fabric baskets and I will check out Carol's tutorial. Memorial Blessings...

  4. I think basket bags are so handy. I would have never thought of this as Christmas fabric its just beautiful fabric, very jewel looking. Every detail is really nice, I love the way the bottom looks and your handles match the bag perfectly. its great for carrying so many different projects. what a useful and beautiful bag, great job.


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