Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blue Knit Shrug

I knit this shrug more than a year ago. I ran out of the yarn when it was almost finished. I tried it on and it looked awful and I didn't like the fit. So it sat and sat for over a year. I finally decided to frog it (technical knitting term for rip-it, rip-it, lol)! I am now using the yarn to knit a wrap that will pop over my head like a sweater, but will look like a cape or shawl. I think I will like that better (I hope so)! Once I am done knitting and blocking the wrap I will post it.
Doesn't look so bad on my dress form. But I am a lot larger in the bust.

I ripped out everything, except the part across the back, which is like a ribbed scarf (rectangle). If I need that yarn too, I will rip it apart, but for now I will use it as a scarf. The last several yards I had to substitute a different blue yarn, but now it's all ripped out anyhow.

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  1. If anything we know how to recycle yarn. I am also working on a shrug, I hope it comes out alright.

  2. I liked what you had there but you know best.

  3. The wonderful thing about knitting is that the yarn can easily be re-used, right? The shrug looks lovely but I can imagine that if you're a bit bigger up front, the ruffles may not be the most flattering. ;-) Looking forward to seeing your re-creation and good luck with it!

  4. I love the tern "frog it" it helps take the sting out of ripping out. I like your plan for changing the shawl. the yarn looks beautiful knitted up so I'm sure your scarf will be lovely.

  5. Always better to "frog it" and knit something else you will be happy with. Time well spent dear.


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