Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fabric Bowl Re-Do

I made a couple of fabric coiled bowls last year using some rather ugly fabric. The bowls looked better than the fabric by itself, but they were still ugly. So I decided to paint the bowls and give them a new life. After painting I added some touches of metallic paint to highlight them a bit. The paint made them much stiffer feeling too, since I used acrylic paint. The colorful bowl, I painted over using a turquoise fabric paint, so that the fabrics showed through, but gave the bowl a more blended together look. That bowl retained it's softer feel using the fabric paint.
Painted blue with metallic paint highlights. The acrylic paint stiffened the bowl.

This bowl has a different shape than the first bowl, but I painted it the same way.

Here is the original bowl I made in the ugly fabric.

This is the other original bowl I made in the ugly fabric. I like them better painted.
I used a turquoise fabric paint on this bowl and it retained the fabric feel to the bowl. I like how using this paint blended the colors together to give it more continuity.

Here is the original fabric bowl in the scrappy fabrics. I think painting this bowl turquoise helped to bring the colors together better.
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  1. This is an interesting experiment and resulted in interesting results. I think I like the fabric paint effect the best. This is a great idea rather than just ignoring the poor ugly bowl.

  2. wow you really breathed new life into those bowls and made them stiff as well. Great idea and they have a wonderful look about them. with the acrylic paint would be able to fill them with fruit or food or is it now unadvisable. I love learning new ideas thanks for sharing.

  3. Love these bowls and the bags I am seeing made this way. Maybe someday I will give it a try.

  4. I love your painted bowls, both acrylic and the fabric painted. Great idea, they look wonderful!

  5. The paint really changed the look of the bowls. Yes, the fabric paint blended the colors together in a beautiful way. As for the acrylic paint and the way you say it stiffened the bowl, it surely makes it suitable for heavier content. :-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a great day!

  6. I love the bowls painted, you may have started a new trend.

  7. I too love these bowls...and the original scrappy one is my favorite. :) :) Happy Mother's Day to you.

  8. Daryl Dear I love how you have painted your fabric bowls and given them new life. They really do look beautiful and I like how the paint gave some structure to the bowl. You are brave and wise!

  9. Love your bowls! I have tried it once... hopefully next try for me will be better!

  10. Love your bowls. Maybe one day I too will give them a try.


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