Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fine & Dandy Zipper Pouch

I made a zippered pouch by a new bag designer, Liz Schaffner of Moments blog. Liz has been designing bags of her own after having been a bag tester for several designers. I will be testing one of Liz's designs this month once she has it ready to test. In the meanwhile, I made her Fine & Dandy Zipper Pouch last night. I had planned on cutting it out and sewing it today, but I just was on a roll and kept sewing, lol! I learned a great tip and plan on using Liz's method on future bags that I make from now on. I enjoyed making the large version of this bag. The pattern includes both a small and a large size, and that is really nice to have choices.

Here is the large size Fine & Dandy Zipper Pouch that I made:
Funny, now that I see the photos, I can see the fabric I chose looks like a 9-patch quilt block. I didn't even notice that before. I guess I was too close to it, lol.

My knitting stuff fits inside nicely. I have knitting needles, scissors, skein of yarn, eyeglasses in the felt case, and a few things in the pockets that you can't see. Still lots of room left.

I made a zipper pull with beads and a peace sign in lime green!

The empty inside. There are slip pockets and pleated pockets. a total of 16 pockets to hold whatever you want. Plus an optional swivel hook to hook your keys or whatever you want to have quick access to.
The side view.

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  2. ohhh that turned out lovely ! You are soooooo quick!!
    Honored to have on you the team :-)

  3. Looks like a really cool bag - so nice and roomy! And I just love your zipper pull :*)

  4. As usual, I admire your fabric and colour selection, Daryl. (Not to mention that ultra retro peace symbol zipper pull!) I have come to believe that it's not so much the bag or whatever that catches my attention on the various projects that I see, it's the choice of fabric. Great job!

  5. i love the inner pockets, usually bags that size don't have any. of course your zipper pull makes a Daryl bag, a nice addition. great job and fun colors.

  6. This is a great bag, Daryl. I could use one to carry my knitting things.

  7. Beautiful nine patch. ;-) And a beautiful pouch. It looks to be quite useful, with so many pockets.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a great day!

  8. That's a lot of pockets! Will definitely have to check into this pattern! Yours came out so pretty.


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