Monday, November 3, 2014

Alphabet Quilt Made by Gloria

Back in the year 2000, I designed and made an Alphabet Quilt. I took it to show and tell at my local quilt guild and it hung in our local quilt show that year too. My friend Gloria encouraged me to create a pattern to sell and told me she would be my first customer to purchase the pattern. So I went ahead and created the pattern. Since it was a paper pattern, I had to print and package the pattern and try to sell it to quilt shops. I sold a few patterns, probably just broke even, since those patterns had to be sold at wholesale prices to the shops. Then a few years years ago Craftsy came along and I decided to turn my pattern into a pdf to sell. It was a lot easier not having to make a full time job trying to sell my pattern to quilt shops, which is not easy to do. I sell a few patterns per year on Craftsy and that's fine. I never thought I would make a fortune selling patterns LOL!!!

Okay, let's get back to my friend Gloria who did indeed purchase my very first pattern. She made the quilt and wanted to add something in the border. Since Gloria is a retired school teacher who taught deaf children, she wanted to add some hand signs for the deaf in the border. She was going to applique them and thought it might be too busy and I suggested to her to quilt the hand signs. If you look closely you will see the quilted hand signs between the little children motifs that she had appliqued in the border. I love the blue and yellow that she used and the other little touches that she added to her quilt. It's fun and rewarding to see something that I designed come to life by someone else making it. I know the bag designers that I sometimes test for must feel great every time the testers complete their bags and show them.
Gloria Shapiro's Alphabet Quilt (made from my Alphabet Pattern). Look closely and you will the quilted hand signs for the deaf in the border of her quilt. She completed this quilt in 2002.

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  1. Congratulations on your wonderful pattern creation Daryl!

  2. Your friends quilt is beautiful and I love the hand signs, that's a really special touch. It must give you great satisfaction to see someone's creation made from one of your patterns.

  3. Hand signs. Gloria's quilt is a treasure with the hand signs. Creative touch.

  4. Who knew that you could make your quilt even better. I love what Gloria did, she is a wonderful quilter and so creative. This is one of my favorite patterns, I've used it many times, not only as an alphabet quilt but just using the letters to spell out words. I am in love with the addition of sign language. Great job to you both.

  5. What a wonderful quilt pattern, Daryl. I love that she put the deaf signals in the border. It really personalizes the quilt.

  6. visitng from val's there were so many comments I thought I'd leave one here. Beautiful!! LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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