Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Birthday Gifts

My birthday was last week and I received some wonderful birthday gifts from 3 dear friends of mine. I wanted to show you all what I received and also what I gave to my friend Tara, who has a November birthday too. Tara and I celebrate our birthdays together each year since her birthday is 6 days after my birthday. This year we had a sewing day together, which was really nice.
First from gifts from Susan~
This pattern was from my good friend Susan who lives in Oregon. She knows how I love to make bags and sent me this pattern. I hadn't seen this one before and it sure looks intriguing the way it zips together and looks like a puzzle.
Susan wrapped the bag pattern in this gorgeous sunflowers fabric! I love sunflowers and coneflowers and oh my this is the prettiest sunflower fabric I have ever seen. I  took the photo so that you could see the selvage and the name of the fabric in case anyone wanted to know who designed this and the company it came from. Susan said there were 3 colorways too. I  haven'teen the other colorways, but I love this one! I will have to use this fabric on a bag that will really show it off. Thanks Susan!!!
My friend Bobbie made the cute little polka pot bag and stuffed it full of most of these goodies. The pens and pads of paper didn't fit in the bag, but all the great notions did. Everything is so useful and I really love that darling bag. I haven't made one like that before! Thanks Bobbie!
Tara likes to make paper crafts like cards and books. This is an interesting book that folds up accordion-style. She used giant buttons as the ends of the book and pictures of quilts glued to a ribbon. This is one side of the button book and...
...when you flip it over this is the other side. Sorry but you have to scroll down a few more photos to see the book closed.
Tara also gave me all of this.
Straps from Guatemala.
A fat quarter of this fabric (that must have gotten all fuzzy from the yarn that was touching it, lol)
And this thick chunky yarn that Tara said was called bump yarn. I hadn't seen this kind of yarn before. She also included a large crochet hook, but I don't know if I will knit or crochet with this yarn or what I will make with it yet. She said it would make a nice bowl, so that is a possibility. It's so soft too.
This is the button book from above closed. Thanks Tara for all the nice gifts!!!

Now I will show you what I gave to Tara for her birthday~
I made this little bag in an Asian fabric and sewed it to a metal frame and then I braided the handle too. This is one side of the bag and...
...this is the other side of the bag.
Inside the bag is another Asian fabric for the lining. The following things I placed inside the bag.
Tara is a knitter like me, so I decorated a couple of mint tins with fabric, ribbon and made a label for each. Inside one I put some point protectors for knitting needles. These point protectors are also great for protecting the points of small scissors or seam rippers too. The other tin had stitch markers; ring markers and the safety pin style markers too.
The outside of the tins look like this.
I saw a cute needle book in the shape of a teapot online so I made a similar one for Tara because she loves tea.
The needle book closed looks like a teapot. 
Inside the needle book.
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  1. You have a great group of friends!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Sweet gifts...lucky you!

  3. Happy Birthday Daryl. You received some wonderful gifts. I love that sunflower fabric, it is gorgeous. I also love the little metal frame purse you gave to your friend, fabric was perfect.

  4. Great friends, great gifts and wow...that sunflower fabric has all of us a little jealous. It is gorgeous!

  5. Well HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Such lovely gifts for all. Thank you for sharing. Aloha.

  6. Happy Birthday Daryl!!! What a wonderful gift to have such a great friend and be able to bless each other with the perfect gifts :) I love it all!!!! That purse you made is gorgeous - and with its own hand-braided handle - wow! I think I'm going to have to make one of those teabag needle keepers - it's too cute :)

  7. What a gorgeous exchange of gifts. Happy to see you had a nice birthday, it's a shame we only get one a year.

  8. How nice to have such thoughtful and generous friends..that know you so well! Hope you had a great day.
    xx, Carol

  9. Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for all the gift ideas! You and your friends are great gift givers! I feel like I am not. I always like everyone else's ideas better than my own, but there are a ton of ideas here, I am going to keep in mind for future gifts! This is perfect for right before gift giving season!!


  10. Hello,
    I will try to post again because for some reason it didn't post the first time. I have to say that I am in love with all of my beautiful gifts. Daryl didn't post a photo of this amazing garden wall hanging she made for me as well. I tease Daryl that the coneflower is her signature flower because she uses them often and does a magnificent job. The teapot needle book is extra fun for me because she made it so a lefty, like myself, can pour it. All the gifts are even prettier in person. We had fun sewing together as well.
    Thanks again


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