Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coiled Bowl Experiment

I decided to experiment by making a coiled bowl with just clothesline and no fabric. I took photos of the natural color bowl and I really like how it looks. I also wanted to play around and see how it would look if I painted the bowl, so I first colored the inside of the bowl with Neocolor II crayon pastels and then painted it with water and textile medium. I wasn't sure I liked it, so then on the outside I used Shiva Paintstiks and a stencil brush to add several more colors. Not too wild about how that turned out either. I then decided to use Pebeo Setacolor paint and paint over this bowl on the outside with a turquoise color, but left the inside light paint. I took photos of each so that I could see how it looked natural, painted with different paints and then decide if I ever want to paint a bowl again in the future. I think I will make more natural bowls because I do like the look of it. What do you think? Do you like the natural or the painted bowl? It actually took more time to paint than to wrap with fabric. Harder to paint because I really needed to scrub the paint into the coiled areas and that's what took the most time.
Natural bowl made with clothesline.
Looking inside the bowl.

Upside down bowl.
Inside painted with Neocolor II artist's pastels.

I added a touch of Shiva Paintstiks over the pastels to brighten it up a bit.
Upside bowl showing the Shiva Paintstiks.
Even though I really scrubbed the paint onto the bowl with the paint and stencil brush, it still looks pastel.
Outside of bowl painted with Pebeo Setacolor paint.

You can see the shadows of the other paints I used underneath this paint. I don't mind that as it gives it more texture.

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  1. What a great idea. It sure beats wrapping all that fabric.

  2. I really like the plain white clothesline--good idea!

  3. Don't miss the fabric at all. These look awesome! (Oh, and speaking of awesome, your Bday gifts - both received and given - were really well picked out and crafted!)

  4. Oh wow, I really liked it with just the clothesline look but then I saw what you did with it, yummy!!!

  5. I love the first and last the best. Amazing how it looks with just the natural look.

  6. I like the plain bowl best. But I also love your bowls with fabric. All are beautiful.

  7. Love the look of the natural bowl and also the final painted rendition - really neat Daryl!

  8. OMG! this is one stunning bowl Daryl. WOW, you amaze me really:) Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I prefer the natural bowl. I like it a lot. I like its minimalist and raw look. There a purity to it that I find quite appealing. Excellent initiative! The last bowl is also very beautiful. I like the contrast between the dark outside and the pastel inside. Like a china bowl.

  10. So how will you heat set the paints to make them permanent? Did I miss that part? The shiva are oil based and the pebeo need heat setting with an iron so they all need setting so they don't leach onto a table or run if damp. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  11. I like the natural colour but I also like the look of the fabric wrapped rope more than the plain rope. How about wrapping in a natural colour?

  12. Wow these look so perfectly made you wouldn't guess they were hand made. Beautiful work as always.


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