Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Knit Owls on a String

I knit a few of these owls on a string last year. They are fast to knit and cute and you can use up odds and ends of yarn, so it's a great project. The pattern is free on Craftsy and Ravelry and called Owl Puffs. Stringing them is my idea. The first owls I knit last year, I had my hubby drill holes into branches so that they looked like they were sitting on a branch and I glued fake leaves on the branches. These owls that I just finished making are a gift for a friend of my daughter and I wanted something quick to make, so I didn't add the branches and I only knit 3 owls.
I used some wool felt for the eyes and beak. The pattern calls for using those plastic doll eyes. I also added 5 small jingle bells to the bottom of the owls.
Even though I used the same weigh yarn and the same size knitting needles to make these owls, this one came out a bit smaller than the other 2. I don't mind that as it gives each owl a different look.

There is a long bead on top and bottom of the middle owl to separate them. I wrapped a metal washer in some ladder yarn  (also called railroad track) and also wrapped that yarn around the hanging string.

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  1. How cute are they?? I love that they all look a little bit different. She'll love them!

  2. What a great idea to string the owls together, Daryl. I'm sure they'll be very well received.

  3. I love this pattern, they are adorable strung however lately I've been putting them in really small baskets so they look like they're in a nest.
    great job and I like the jingle at the end.

  4. Adorable! I love owls. They will look beautiful on a wall.

  5. Well how cute are those owls??!!! You always make the cutest things Daryl!!!

  6. Beautiful! I like that you've made the eyes with felt. It keeps them soft all over. Stringing them is a good idea too as it makes a beautiful children room decoration. I've downloaded the pattern and I'm wondering... how long did it take you to make one? (I'm wondering if I have time to make a few before Christmas...)

  7. Hi Daryl, the owls are totally adorable. You are so very talented in all the projects that you create. We love the way they all hang together so nicely, like a little family.
    Warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  8. I love owls. These are adorable.


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