Sunday, November 9, 2014

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag

I tested the MyTie Makeover Mini Bag for Rochelle of eSheep Designs last month. The pattern includes 3 styles of small bags, each made from using a man's necktie. I liked the one with the flap and gusset so I chose to make this one. Since all ties will yield a different amount of fabric in which to work with, Rochelle explains how to cut your fabric and somewhat re-create the pattern that she provides. It actually works rather well, even if I was a bit slow in "getting it" at first. The bag itself goes together rather quickly. You can choose to make a handle/strap using fabric or cording or other material and add hardware if you want to as well. I actually braided the cord myself for this small bag, using several strands of different ribbon and string using my Kumhimo braiding disk. I chose to add a sewn snap to close the bag instead of a buttonhole and button. But I did make a fabric flower and used a button in the center to add a bit of embellishment.

Be sure and visit Rochelle's blog to see the other tester's bags. Rochelle will have the pattern for this bag available in her Craftsy shop soon.
My Tie Bag made from a man's necktie. I made the cording myself with my Kumihimo braiding disk.
The tie flap which closes with a snap and I added a fabric flower with a button center as an embellishment.

I chose to add 2 slip pockets in the lining.
The back of the bag.
The back of the bag.
I like the idea of upcycling a necktie into something else and these bags are so cute and a great way to give new life to a necktie. The size of the bag is perfect for a young girl too. Elegant fabrics would make a great evening bag or great bag for a wedding, while a novelty tie print would make a cute bag for a young girl or teen. Rochelle's instructions are well written with good photos too. Pin It Now!


  1. Thank you for your participation, Daryl... have now added another item to my "need to learn how to do" list (re: the braiding).

  2. I love the tie that you decided to use, does it have little ties inside those diamonds, that's what they look like, and the button looks so pretty.

  3. Very interesting purse. When you first mentioned a tie purse I thought the worst, I didn't think you could make anything very nice with a tie. I've seen tie quilts and tie projects and never really liked them. This purse and the tie you chose are really very nice. The color is great and the design really suits the project. Great job and nice design. How did you calculate how long to cut your string for kumihimo to make a strap that long. The strap looks great but I would have never been able to figure out the yardage. Great choice of color and the added flower is perfect. you have changed my mind about the usefulness of up cycling ties.

  4. Lovely bag and beautiful colour. I love the braided handle, very clever and different.

  5. This is a wonderful upcycle of a gorgeous men's tie. I have missed lots so will be reviewing your posts which I always enjoy. Creative Tie Bliss...

  6. The flower on that bag totally makes it! I love it! I love homemade bags but can't bring myself away from "quilts" to make me some.

  7. Oh wow! this is such a lovely bag and the touch with the flower is sweet. TFS


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