Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Drawstring Bags

I wanted to use up some novelty fabrics that I had, so I decided to make a dozen lined drawstring bags. These bags are a nice size, easy to sew, and make great gift bags to put a gift inside the bag. They can be used by children and adults alike. The drawstring bags are easier for a child to open and close than a zippered bag too. You can sew your own fabric drawstrings or use ribbon. I chose to use ribbon because I needed to use up some ribbon that I already had. There is a wonderful tutorial for making these bags from Jeni of In Color Order. I used up several fabrics in my stash and some ribbon too making these bags.
The accent fabric at the top is a royal purple, but photographed more blue.
A pink fabric accent color on this bag.
I made 2 like this with the pirate fabrics.

I made 4 bags using this fabric, but each has a different accent fabric.

4 bags in the same fabric, 3 different accent fabrics.
4 bags in the same fabric, with 4 different accent fabrics.
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  1. Hi Daryl
    I love your gorgeous gift bags. You must have the most amazing collection of fabrics. I really love the pirate ones.
    Michelle :)

  2. Daryl, love your fabrics. I have made those same bags, and they do go together nicely. I put a heavy interfacing in the lower part of the sides so the bags would stand up. I use my bags for knitting projects while I am working on them. I don't really want to say how many of them have projects in them at this time.

  3. These are adorable, Daryl. If someone receives a gift in one of them, they get two gifts in one.

  4. They're all gorgeous and with so much blue around I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite one. Another project to add to my list. Thanks for the link

  5. What sweet little bags Daryl!! I have some fabrics that would be cute used this way too! Thanks for the link.

  6. Oh Daryl, these are lovely and I like the variation of the fabrics for children to adult, Lovely!!

  7. I love these bags, yours look very fun, pretty and of course useful. I went to the website for the tutorial and it was really well done. it makes me so happy when someone takes the time to make a really good pattern or tutorial and posts it. great job.

  8. I love the bags in the two last pictures. So pretty! I followed your link to read the tutorial... very nice. I will certainly try it sometime. Thank you, Daryl!


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