Monday, November 6, 2023

Iron Caddy Jr. in Batik

After I sold the first Iron Caddy Jr. bag for holding a small travel size iron, I made myself one in batik fabrics. The pattern is from Sisters Common Thread and they also sell the original Iron Caddy size pattern too, which holds most regular size irons and was the very first one that I made many years ago. I really LOVE this small junior size. It's so cute! But so functional as well. It is designed to fit 6"-8 1/4" travel irons. You can also do a Google search for the pattern as many places do sell the pattern as well. (Not an affiliate, but I do love this iron bag)!

Love how the batik fabric worked for making this bag.

Open the bag and it reveals the little travel iron I put inside. It can hold larger travel irons up to 8 1/4" as you can see by the extra space here.

Fully open reveals the HRM (heat resistant material, which comes with a piece of this HRM with the pattern.

The batik side fully opened.

Next to my Big Giant Buddha Head in the garden.

This is also a large Buddha. You can see the scale of the Iron Caddy Jr. here too.

Happy Pressing!

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  1. It is beautiful Daryl and great for quilters who go to retreats. The batiks are perfect.

  2. Beautiful, Daryl! Love the colors you chose for this one. I'm getting ready to start mine. I had to purchase the pattern from someone other than the designer because their cart wasn't working and never returned my email!

  3. Great finish, Daryl! I made a regular sized one for my iron. Having a mini would be handy, too! Cute print and yes, it's adorable how it folds up!

  4. nice job, these are so handy and it fits your cute little iron perfectly. of course you can't go wrong using batik fabric. enjoy its wonderful


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