Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Flannel Quilt Donation for Project Linus

Many years ago I sewed squares of flannel together into squares. The idea I had was to make a Twister quilt using the leftover scraps of flannel I had from making pajamas for myself, my daughter and my grandson. Well top sat for years and a few months ago I decided to take it to my Project Linus (PL) group and have Barbara, our longarm quilter, quilt this so I could donate it to PL. It was extra big, since I had planned on cutting the squares into Twister squares and resewing them to create the twister quilt. Well, since PL always needs the larger quilts, I thought this would be a good one to donate. 

Barbara quilts to a Minky backing and folds the backing of the Minky fabric to the front as a faux binding. It works well and can all be done by machine that way. I had to place a part of the quilt onto the cutting table at the PL group to photograph this. The lower right corner is the printed floral Minky backing.

Here is a closer look at the Minky backing.

You can see a bit of the quilting pattern used here.

One more Pl donation finished!

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  1. i think anyone would feel like they've been hugged if the backing is minky. The pieced top of the quilt will be like a giant hug from you and your family. a lovely donation to PL. you are so generous with your time and talent.


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