Saturday, September 23, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #103-121 for 2023

I somehow posted the other purses I made after these first! Oops. I made these purses for the Sew Powerful Sew-a-thon and Fundraiser before those I posted today, so the order is a bit screwed up. So here are the purses I forgot to post before.

This fabric was a home dec fabric that was donated and I thought they would make nice purses. I made 9 purses from this Winne the Pooh fabric. I had to use a tiny blue gingham for the gusset on some as I ran out of the Winnie print.

The cut of this purse had Tigger pictured. As I cut, some things shifted as the focal point.

These 3 have the Winnie the Pooh print on the gusset.

The ones stacked behind all have the gingham blue gussets.

A couple in an African women print.

I appliqu├ęd the lions onto the flap fabric. I was donated some fabric that had African animals and so I thought I would use them in the purse flaps.

These are showing what is under the lion flaps.

The one on the left is either a Springbok or an Impala (I think?) and the cat on the right is a leopard.

Under the flaps from above.

I love how colorful the prints of these giraffes are. 

Under the flaps.

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  1. Love the colorful giraffe prints, Daryl!! These are sew fun!

  2. you are amazing. i love how thoughtful you are in your designs. they defiantly are appropriate for the region they are gong to. You also make so many different designs which I'm sure will be appreciated. great job as always and you truly sewed a marathon worth of purses you deserve a gold medal.


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