Saturday, September 16, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #91-102 for 2023

I completed 12 more purses for the Sew-a-thon (SAT) 2023. I used selvages on some and upcycled denim jeans on others. It's a great feeling to create something useful, nice looking, upcycle and use selvages that most people would throw away! Those selvages do make sturdy purse flaps too.

This was fabric donated to me. I love those large flowers and using certain fabric prints I just want to use the whole thing as a flap instead of sewing scraps to create the flap. This is one where the flap fabric by itself is perfect.

Here are two flaps made using selvages. I love experimenting with how I will sew the selvages. The one on the left I started with the hexagon scrap of a child and sewed selvages around it. The one on the right was a simple diagonally laid out pattern of selvages.

3 more selvage flaps, set in different ways.

Another 2 selvage flaps, but these have upcycled denim bodies.

I used the front pocket on the back side of one and added a denim pocket with the heart I appliqu├ęd on to the back of the other one.

One scrappy flappy and one selvage flap, both with denim bodies from upcycled jeans.

2 more scrappy flappies with upcycled denim jean bodies. The one on the right was made from a donated Friendship Star quilt block in batik fabrics that I placed on point and then sewed fabric around it, and then I cut it to shape. 

The back side of the last 2 purses with the front pockets from denim jeans to create pockets on the back of these purses. Such fun to have a little surprise pocket like this on the back and it's useful too!

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