Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #51-64 (for 2023)

The annual Sew Powerful Sew-a-thon (SAT) began September 1-30. It is also their annual Fundraiser. This year there are sponsors for prizes and chances for all participants to win something. So if you would like to help Sew Powerful by donating a dollar or 2 or more, please use my participation number: 77640 and go here to donate:

Thank you for any donation that you can give. The girls who will benefit from the donations, that help them to stay in school all month when they have their period, are the real prize for me! The hygiene items they receive allows them to stay in school. Getting a good education will allow them to get a good job in the future. The cost to fill each purse is $10, and part of that money is not only the cost of the supplies, but they employ women right there in Zambia to make the reusable pads and soap that are given the the girls in the purses, along with underwear. Thank you so very much! Hugs!!!

Now on to some purses I made to donate to this cause. The first 2 days I sewed these 14 purses~

I added some crystal bling. The fabric print even has "crystals" printed on it.

Fireworks printed fabric for the bag. It has silver glitter in the fabric too.

Blue and white polka dot batik fabric for this one.

These all have blue bandana fabric. Inside is red like the fireworks print purses too.

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