Friday, June 23, 2023

Chevron Knit Blanket (Donated)

I knit this Chevron blanket awhile ago. I wasn't sure about donating it to Project Linus because of the yarn over "holes" created when knitting this. There is info on PL's website stating there should be no holes, yet on the Facebook PL group those who knit or crochet always seem to have "holes" in their blankets, so I asked about it on the FB group and did not get any definitive answer. 

The reason for the no holes is a good one. For babies tiny toes and fingers can get caught and cut off circulation. I learned about this years ago from my friend who is a nurse. The other reason is medical equipment can get caught in the "holes". Some said holes less than 1/2" are fine. But certainly that is for an older child as babies can still get toes and fingers caught in the holes. For those of us donating blankets that are knit or crocheted, we have no idea what child (any age) may be hooked up to medical equipment. So I hope these kind of blankets are given to the children who won't have any issues with the holes. I know I will never again knit any more blankets with any holes to donate to PL, just to be certain. 

If they won't accept them, where do they go? I have heard they donate to other charity groups, but if I am making these for PL specifically, I want to know if they are not accepted and passed on to another group. Maybe I will donate directly to that other group or stop making blankets to donate to PL if they don't end up there?

So after months of working on this Chevron Knit Blanket and more months deciding what I should do with it, I finally just donated it. I measured it and wrote down the measurements at the time, but don't know where I put it. I think it was 43ish inches wide x 50ish inches long. Good size for an older child.

I took photos inside on the floor under where there are 2 skylights. Funny how the colors can look so different. The true color is the dark one with mostly blue and touches of purple in the yarn.

This close up to show the knitting washed out the colors for some reason.

I love how when starting to knit the Chevron stitches, the end naturally makes these scallops.

Washed out colors in this photo too. The true colors are like the darker photos.

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  1. I have always loved this pattern, you did a fantastic job and I like the deep color. too often baby blankets are made in pale colors only. Yes the holes can be problematic for babies.

  2. I have a crochet pattern with a similar effect that I like to make. I just make those blankets bigger for kids or adults. Fortunately, where I donate they are a clearinghouse for dozens of agencies so they can always find a good home.


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